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  • I'm digging the Officer uniform for the German faction, and the new Tiger dressings too. 
  • My issues with this game were mainly about the rather botched attempts to mess with the TTK, and that last one almost did me in for the game. I loved the franchise since playing from the tail end of Battlefield 3 to now on Battlefield V. The game, i…
  • I'd have to disagree. After 6.2 and even before that, I've had no issues with dispensing enemies with Pistol Carbines. Also two, the whole point to them is to allow the Recon to have better mobility and to get stuck in the action with Assaults and M…
  • Well yeah. Type 97s IRL have pretty weak frontal armor, so a HEAT-T shell would slice right through it like butter and bust everything in there.  Similarly to how the Type 97's Type 5 75mm HV cannon can destroy Shermans from the front in two hits. 
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Tbh, I find the G1-5 to be one of those "okay" semi-autos. Though it being in the game from release is kinda strange, seeing as it and the StG1-5 were both late war last ditch efforts (though there is no concrete evidence …
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My issue with the current war stories, is the many one man army scenarios that the game throws you through. It should be more about being with a team, as if you're actually engaging in a full on war versus just a one many army. Gran…
  • Personally I loved The Last Tiger. The different perspective definitely made it good, ontop of it showing the grave situation in early 1945 when Germany was getting hit on two fronts. Especially seeing E8s and Calliopes.
  • I uh, didn't expect this to blow up like it did.  Updating this with additional thoughts I feel like the slower firing SMGs could use a bit of a range buff, Turner SMLE/M1 Garand/MAS-44 could use a bit of a range nerf 75mm Lv2 on the Type 97 does t…
  • It could also be something else. Prior to the addition of the Type 97, I had some weird **** happen where it felt like a tank shot me and then some double damage was applied. I think this was fixed a few patches ago but damn it sucked
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Yes, I am aware of that. I said non-bomber planes. I know that bomber craft have scopes to them, I was referring to the piper which wasn't present on fighters before whatever update it was that added them. 
  • I found the rifle to be pretty fun, but haven't touched much of the semi-autos after Update 5.2 since DICE butchered them. I think what turns folks off from it is the 10 round mag (or 10+1 if you run detach mags) 
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Instead of removing flares from tanks and planes... Why not make it to where if you stand still or if you're crouch walking (not running,) then you don't get spotted by Spotting Flares? Battlefield 3 and 4 had it for that when it ca…
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And they never needed glint in the first place. In BF1 it made sense because of the sweetspot mechanic which was on most of the bolt action rifles (and General Liu rifle, which was iron sight btw and on Medic) but in this game, 3x o…
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They did decrease the ROF on SLRs and ended up bringing them back up. Prior to Update 5.2, the Model 8 had a 200 ROF, which increased to 225 ROF with a spec.  ZH-29 shot at 150 and 164 with the ROF increase, and the RSC was at 180. …
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Slow fire mode on the BAR had the same damage model as the Madsen MG, which was a 6 bullet kill across the board. I for one am happy to see the slow fire mode have a distinguishing damage to it, so it performs similarly to the M1919…
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I think he's referring to non bomber planes having access to bomb reticles now as opposed to not having them. Which I never had an issue dumb firing bombs from fighter planes, and this makes it take less effort. 
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And while we're at it, let's keep killing Battlefield until no one else plays besides those who keep begging for nonsense changes.  The whole "scope glint" argument didn't even start until BF1 happened with the Marksman va…

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