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  • And they aren’t always giving battlepacks either.
  • Giants Shadow, I disagree. I mostly win regardless of the side. In fact most conquest maps are pretty balanced, maybe slight skews one way or the other, based on whose home flag is the easiest to hide in, but nothing significant. Conquest Assault h…

 Whilst I usually admire your comments and your insight, that's a really poor argument @TheNoobPolice  It's like saying "Loch Ness Monster is real.  It's been proven without a doubt.  Prove me wrong."  and then not being…
I'm sure many would have slightly different definitions of 'balance'.  I guess I was asking what you were referring to, but I agree with your statement that if guns have broadly aligned 'efficacy' then they are balanced.  But efficacy is &q…
    in RSC Smg Comment by WetFishDB November 23
I'm not sure I'm following.  What do you mean by 'ease of use'?  Do you mean things like recoil, spread, bigger magazines?  And are you saying it shouldn't be used for balancing?  For me, practical balance > theoretical balance by a long…
    in RSC Smg Comment by WetFishDB November 23
I've definitely heard enemy audio commands and been alerted to their presence.  It's also worth listening out for teammate audio cues too.  Can be really helpful.
I agree.  Sure, there are faster 1v1 guns (at any engagement distance), like the RSC SMG would melt it one on one.  But the benefit of the Hellriegel is its versatility.  That IS it's strength.  It's okay up close, it's not that bad at lo…
    in Nerfs Comment by WetFishDB November 12
I suspect it WON'T happen.  Console makers see an obvious opportunity to gain more market share by supporting KB/M - even natively.  Although PC will, I'm sure, continue to outperform Console in terms of development and hardware as it can e…
  • As tempting as it is to just say "stop dying so much then", the reality is EVERY SINGLE game like this has some element of spawn delay.  Literally, EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Some obvious, some subtle - but it's always there. The reason there are…
  • The Hellriegel remains an okay gun, no really changes of note.  The SMG08, as people have said, absolutely shreds and has a big mag so is pretty much king in close quarters so well worth having a play with.  I have 100 stars with both, and definitel…
    in Nerfs Comment by WetFishDB November 11
2.1 gives the bandwidth necessary for 8K 60FPS and 4K 120FPS etc.  If you get a 1080p 120 FPS monitor it won't support HDMI 2.1 because it doesn't need to.  Then whenever you do want to shift to 4K 120FPS you'll need a new monitor (obviousl…
  • Peacekeeper as a primary. I think we’ve worked out where the weak minds are at lol.
Have it.  Don't like it.  That's about all there is to it lol
  • Interestingly, same player... https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_one/comments/9w2xoy/i_see_why_people_like_the_smg_0818/ Midway through the clip draws out the peacekeeper luckily far enough in advance that the spinny spinny had completed in tim…
No one is said that this gun isn't 'good'.  But your comments about 'high skill ceiling' and 'filtering' players comes across as elitist, whether you intended it to or not.  And I actually disagree, the fact it has auto-hip fire actually ma…
I actually loved that game, but it had a MUCH slower TTK so didn't matter if someone was camping a corner as much.  In this game, it would be waaaay too toxic.
It's actually closer between the revolvers than the two SMG's you mention, although admittedly not by much. The TTK difference at 10m between the Auto Revolver (311ms) and Peacekeeper (299ms) is 12ms.  That's without having to take into 50…
  • No third person for infantry. You’d have even more corner campers frankly. If you want that, SWBF2 has it. And FOV really should be limited in tanks, their FOV can be insane and massively negate flanks etc.
Agree Greeny.  I'm certain it's not an ability thing (Marxist and I share broadly comparable stats), but more of individuals personal opinion.  As with anything the Peacekeeper has pros and cons, and it probably depends on how one uses it. …
And the reduction of spread when ADS too (albeit there wasn't enough recoil to compensate).  So maybe 1.5 things?

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