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  • EA Devs, please stop forcing us to update Nvidia drivers. I loaded up the game for the first time in a while and I found out I could not play. Why? Because I had driver version 378.78 and the minimum requirement was 384.94. That driver is from July…
  • (Quote) This is true, however I dislike how they force you to update to an extremely new version. It limits our choices with drivers. At the moment, my only realistic choice is to wait for a new driver that solves the stuttering issue. Because i'm …
  • (Quote) Read the known issue notes for the latest Nvidia drivers. For the one right before the latest (385.28) it says [GTX 1080] Stuttering when in use with a Gsync external monitor. The latest driver (385.41) didn't say that issue was fixed in th…
  • I don't mind if they hitch a ride to a flag and get off, its the annoying children who ride on your tank the entire match. Just had some dude get back onto my tank 5 times... Literally gets killed 5 times, and just runs back to get back on.
  • I've been using the same mouse sensitivity settings :/ Something feels a bit different. I have infantry set to 25% sensitivity and vehicles at 65%. I checked my mouse DPI and its the same. Sodium, I am not on the Windows 10 Creators update, I rolle…
  • Yep, often the sun is absolutely blinding. I can understand a bit of light difference going out of a bunker, but right now its too much. Often on argonne I get blinding light, and on Ballroom blitz
  • Personally I think infantry rifles are at a good spot, they take skill to use. I think infantry rifles should be available on all classes
  • I agree, it is overpowered. I've been flying planes and I've been getting hit with AA guns even while im flying really high up. It effectively means I can't even fly anywhere remotely near an AA gun, which often can mean I can only fly on the outski…
  • DICE doesn't understand balancing. Lots of things end up either being completely overpowered, or they end up just nerfing it until its useless. At one point AA's were completely overpowered against planes. Then AA's were nerfed literally in half, a…
  • I've literally never even played operations because I've literally never gotten into a server with anyone but myself. I'm in North America...
  • The lighting at times can be a bit funky i must say. But now I put my brightness on about 30 and my screen brightness at about 70. It works ok but at times its a bit weird
  • You know what I find fun? Taking the artillery truck for a spin and going around shooting cavalry.
  • Oh and learn to shoot down planes with the arty truck and light flanker tank. Takes a bit of practice but I take down at least one - two planes per match with the arty truck. Most in a match ive taken down i think its like 7. The flanker tank, use t…
  • I know everyone hates to hear the guy saying "get good" but honestly, learn how to play tanks. Personally I hate driving landships and A7V heavy tanks aren't my favorite. They're huge toasters and they're slow. I mainly play the light fla…
  • I used to play Battlefield 4 on 10mbps DSL internet. Guess who never had an issue?
  • Oh well, I guess i'll go screw myself then. I'm certain there's nothing wrong with my internet, (There's lots of comprehensive testing tools and ive used quite a few) and I'm paying for pretty much some of the best internet you can get in my area. …
  • (Quote) I wonder how I'm supposed to "lead my shot" when I'm standing in front of someone who isn't moving, dump the entire magazine of my primary into them, then my pistol, and somehow have it do nothing. I know i always laugh too lol
  • (Quote) I've run multiple line tests on DSLreports.com I get a quality rating of 90%. Jitter is minimal, no packet loss, latency is correct, speed is correct. Im using comcast now, I used to use centurylink and it was the same(Quote) Thanks man :)

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