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  • (Quote) 
 if they would start doing that why would i even bother picking the medic over the assault/support at this point?medic has plenty of drawbacks. (weapon selection/playstyle/constant annimations breaking your game flow/hardlocked into…
  • (Quote) 
 do you have any idea how many bullets a medic needs past 30m? have you even once looked at the actual stats?why is everyone making stuff up regarding medic outgunning everyone and everything everywhere. i mean if the class was even…
  • (Quote) 
 i've given the same idea for example making it a 3rd combat role.am 5-10s cooldown for the self-heal but you can still dispense it for team-mates. as a trade off you get access to some other weapons.maybe a M1A1/G-15/Ribeyrolles fo…
  • (Quote) 
 well if we do that can medic get some new weapons from assault/support. because everything else will be just insulting and drive even more away.
  • (Quote) 
 on the point of instadeaths. BFV has plenty of those i mean DICE even copied the "killstreaks" with their sad excuse of "reinforcements".i mean the V1/JB-2 can be compared to what the Predator missle was in MW2…
  • (Quote) 
 why should we hope to get any decent plug ins like before.DICE has not answered a single solid question since the announced the feature i wouldn't even be surprised if they cancel it sooner then later with some more excuses of not …
  • man if this is your biggest pet-peeve i am jealous of your game experience.i can't even begin to tell you my top 5 and expect to not have another urge to delete the game from that rant
  • looking at DICEs current track record do you really want to place your bets there?why do you think there was no mention of anything past 2020 yet? they promised 3 maps by the end of the year. so metro and two pacific maps at best. but if DICE has …
  • well at least DICE is communicating with us.....i mean silence is like admitting they screwed up big time with no hopes of finding a way out
  • (Quote) 
 if you are lucky this year if you want to be realistic next year or after they take 9 months to fix it since it will most likely be bugged like hell and only work as intended when they reveal the next mess they produced
  • (Quote) 
 true but then again ppl will get angry since everything turns into a medic train. I'd try polish BF4 charge up mechanic for revives.if you have the time do the charge up if you don't use immediately but hey why polish working featu…
  • (Quote) 
 well whenever i played BF1 i myslef did plenty revives as medic and got a bunch as well. in BFV on the other hand i revive a ton and get only very few in return. mainly because outside my mates next to no one bothers
  • (Quote) 
 true carbines and ARs were mostly the go to. but now two classes seem to be the main go to which then again highlights the problems. less medics=less healing/reviving causing ppl to almost exclusively skip to the deployment-screen.…
  • this "state" has turned into a condition a chronic at this. its been going on since the BETA and we are still fighting the symptoms.
  • (Quote) 
true the numbers are not available. i believe DICE keeps them locked up simply because it would highlight the issues of the game even more.yeah BF4 was in terms of weapons a lot faster paced then any other BF up to this point. BF1 s…
  • (Quote) 
 mhm 0-30m being the average engagement distance is not true imo.CQC on flags maybe but you still need to transition in between flags and that is almost as much time as spend on objectives as well.well i still believe if medic gets …
  • (Quote) 
 great so one class is supposed to sacrifice everything for team-play i am all for it but the team does not care for the medics trying their hardest.the assault will do fine enough without medics so does the support the recon is too…
  • (Quote) 
 this is the state of affairs we have deteriorated into.MW will simply be praised now for not being an absolute train-wreck on launch and judging by the BETA they wouldn't even need to do much anymore. i can't think of a sadder sta…
  • if a class has only one weakness that can be negated by a simple walk to a health station...your class is broken same goes for assault for that matter
  • (Quote) 
 sure you can do well with the carbines. you could also say F it and play assault and or support and have only the drawback of needing to go to health stations from time to time. you could also say it again and use the PIAT for 3 e…

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