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  • Recoil isn't a problem on console, hip firing is a lot more inaccurate compared to to ads'ing with aim assist regardless of the distance of your target. You can still have the majority of your clip left after firing the hellreigel because by the tim…
  • Players do it conquest by bailing from planes too you can just spawn camp the whole time, it's pretty garbage.
  • I thought the same thing when i first saw it but it was like 3 players and the icons were all over the screen. It just screws me up cause you see something appear real fast you assume it's an enemy, it throws me off. I give ammo to everyone any way …
  • Killing time is murder by whitehorse or Wild horses by bishop I always think bf1 when i hear them
    in One Song.. Comment by Youratv June 2017
  • I actually have a problem with both.
  • I just got pubstombed horribly. 5 players in the same platoon. It's good i can identify it again. There's no ideal solution for this situation. You can say communcate and talk all day. I'm always on mic trying to be in a full squad no one ever talks…
  • It works for all weapons that don't have scopes including the support variants, you gotta see cq battles all the time where everyone is ads'ing with whatever they brought to the fight
  • I use them sometimes. If someone shoots em their spotted it can also look like you have inflated numbers or a serious amount of campers
  • Sometimes it crashes when your low and you have clearance or at least appears like you do. Bombers same situation as heavy tank. Most drivers try to put themselves in position so they can do all the work and being a gunner is boring, almost pointles…
  • He doesn't know what he's talking about, friday night battlefield servers where dice plays they have it turned off. Both forms of it. It was far more enjoyable but it begs the question why they are playing a different model of the game they created.
  • Completed all the missions in the beta. While the game is big it lacks content. Everything's really spaced out for the size of the maps or provinces, whatever you want to call it. The second area is rated 5 stars for hardest difficulty and its reall…
  • Yea been playin it. Won't be buyin it, not worth it for the price to me. Sweet game to play for free though
  • There are a couple things i don't like such as you can't side step a guard break registering blocks sometimes and not being able to roll or do a handflip directly backwards but all in all is pretty sweet, it's 3d bushido blade, also is there a train…
  • I really like the 1v1. The 4v4 is neat but kinda weird.
  • I need a modern stealth shooter, I'm afraid I'm setting myself up for dissapointment because i really wanna play this game. Also anyone know if it's possible to disable the ai team mates?
  • Man i wanted that chrome dazzle so i could be all shiney while everyone else blew me up cause I'm not that good in a vehicle. But they'd be so jelly.
  • Far cry, shadow of mordors cool until you get to a point and your completely op and there's still half a game left to play. Also mordors combat systems fun but is just a worse version of rocksteadys combat system from batman. Unless your a big lotr…
  • There is an upside to it as you can switch your loadout or grab a vehicle in the same time frame instead of wait till after then switch, you should be able to still revive though.....
  • We've been over the deny option already. You either get killed while stuck on a text screen or you need to be temporarily invincible while inbetween life and death which is a terrible idea. Neat idea though to revive someone while their in their spa…

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