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  • Hell let loose is not as good like BF5 visually, it's not an action game, it's more a simulaion.  You can run for a while and get a bullet in your head in a second wihout knowing there it come from.  But, shooting is satisfaying because you need onl…
  • We paid for this game after testing the beta version. We know this game can evolve and change within time.  But TTK patch change it too much, it's now like completely another game (They should even change its name to Battlesponge).  What a lack of r…
  • BF1 is great and well coded in every aspect.  I prefer the ambiance, ideas, graphics and animations of BF5, but sadly this game is still broken at his current state, even more since TTK 5.2
  • The sound is broken in this game.  Just give a try on Battlefield 1, you can clearly hear footsteps or tank engine and know where they come from. 
  • What the Hell ? Seriously, we all have a lot of XP since the release,  and we must change all the way we play, it's like a totaly new game, and not as good as before this terrible patch.  PLEASE,  REVERT THIS STUPID PATCH !
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to do for multiplayer (even for BF5) : Make more effort to get hackers and ban them permanently. They litteraly ruin this game ! Headshot everywhere in less than a second. Yes it's possible, but not at this rate. This is…

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