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  • I think they just have their priorities in the wrong order. I could care less about the TTK with the current RSP setup and cheater problems. Stability, performance, clean servers should be their #1 focus, not TTK balances. Not sure why they are so w…
    in One last try... Comment by ZeuZx March 1
  • This man gets it! They need to hire him and fire the ones in charge now ASAP. Great post and 100% accurate in all points.
  • I've been harping on the fully functional RSP since the game has been released and frankly I don't think they care anymore. This rampant cheating has been going on for some time and literally nothing has been done about it. .Majority of that proble…
  • The best solution to cheating has been and always be fully functional RSP servers. Active admins that ban/kick cheaters are 100% better than this garbage anti cheat system they have in place. For reasons unknown they just wont give up the real RSP c…
  • That's because the current garbage RSP availability that you create aren't permanent so its not possible to have "favorite" servers like in the past. Until they actually release real RSP functionality this game won't have the usual communi…
    in Region Lock Comment by ZeuZx February 15
  • The high ping problem isn't a problem the players are creating, its the outcome of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ poor servers and settings. With the correct RSP settings (regional locks, and or ping restriction depending on what the owner wants it set to) that would e…
    in Region Lock Comment by ZeuZx February 15
  • (Quote) 
 Yea its quite sad how the servers are setup right now. Basically when a player hits play they are put into a giant pool of players and are then put into the first available server that pops up regardless of region (or ping). So for…
  • (Quote) 
 That s why I miss the real server rentals, where you could customize the server you paid for with the settings of your choice. Game modes, map rotations, ticket count, region/ping restrictions, weapons, all the good customizable fe…
  • It almost does feel like they have given up on BF5 tbh. The cheating is pretty rampant right now with almost every match that I have played today has 1 or 2 of them and usually with the 150ms ping. This is by far the worst that I have seen in the BF…
  • Their sad devs have been on vacation and can't figure out how to fix it. This has been going on now since the big patch  and still happening lol. Goes to show you how bad things are for them right now when they cant fix this in a timely manner lol.
  • Its been like this since patch day lol. How something like this gets past testing is beyond me. Goes to show you how behind they are on rushing out content when they dont even test things thoroughly on their end. Straight up putting out patches unte…
  • I don't mind the changes to all the weapons and what not. WE NEED RSP SO BAD. Insane amount of cheaters, non-existent auto balance, west coast servers flooded with 150+ laggers, terrible map rotations, etc.
  • It's on the actual game icon from the games library. If you right click and and go to game properties you can uncheck the origin in game there. Although if you do that there you will no longer see squad invites from people.
  • I just  hope that when they do bring in the supposed RSP that it has all the necessary tools and options that the past ones had are there for us. . Must have RSP Options:. 1. Kick/Ban a player: Since there are no active server admins from their end …
    in RSP When? Comment by ZeuZx November 2019
  • (Quote) 
It's not an issue, or a bug, it is completely intended mechanic. That's how they designed it so they didn't have to do anything with separating pings, and matching people to a region for their said pings. So people just hit the play…
  • The issue isn't the players that hit the button that just want to play. The issue is that the server browser, and server management/match making is absolute trash. In no way shape of form should players from different continents be paired up on one …
  • (Quote) 
Yea man thats the beauty of it. Bunch of friends chip in to rent a server to customize it with what they want. In the past you always had a few favorite servers that certain map rotations, or had a certain playstyle or mode that you…
    in RSP When? Comment by ZeuZx November 2019
  • (Quote) 
 It's now November 11, 2019, are they still on vacation?
  • Game needs RSP so bad.

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