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  • Great experience. Daily looking for a decent server around 20 to 30 minutes which is not 0 - 300 score a.k.a baserape just to find one at the end which is decent but at half map time some potato guy turns his aimbot on so he doesn't lose and ruins e…
  • I'm still wondering wtf is going on with the horses in this game, how come I headshot the guy and I do 13 damage with sniper? Is this some kind of bad joke?
  • Clearly a broken game that's the reason. It MUST run smoothly on high end PCs without us going crazy looking for solutions on 100 forums.
  • Nope, still the same **** with 16GB RAM. I'm done with this piece of ****.
  • Oh no, CPU is not even near 100% usage. Max temps it ever goes is like 71-76 while gaming on ultra 1080p same for GPU max 75% usage maybe even lower sometimes. Main problem is that I think I'm not using the full potential of my system and I can't se…

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