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I have spm of 518 so im not bad at this game at all. Im also no idiot and know strategy/tactics and stuff. BF5 has the potential do be the best bf game, yes BUT the majority of the playerbase doesnt know even simple basics (squadpla…
  • (Quote) Nobody recognizes tanks in this game and nobody wants to join a tank because everybody knows it will blow in seconds or the tank driver sits in homebase "sniping" so also no point to join. When i drive a tank 99% of the time nobo…
  • When comparing BF3/4/1 tanks to BF5 tanks they already got a big nerf with the delayed turret movement, especially the MG movement which is even slower than the main canon (yes its faster with a specialization) and the limited ammo supply and i thin…
  • I play 85% as infantry,15% tanks and my tank skills are at least ok. I play conquest only, have no clan or other friends that i play with and still my battlefieldtracker BF1 skill was 540 for BF1. I just put out this number to show that im no noob a…

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