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usually will find metro or locker servers full 
  • Most detections are made by known signatures/code of detected cheats, scavenger will know more on this than me regarding detection of unknown programs are essentially programs that change game memory data in some way or other or are scripts of some …
  • As stated above its best to use burst fire or fight the recoil. Some maps are generally very large but the only way that being killed by someone of any distance is if you were to be standing/camping out in the open and not keeping behind cover (Qu…
  • any other account which is linked to you that has been banned can be a reason otherwise try re-installing PB and as long as you start from your browser it will give you a reason or error code
  • Choosing servers wisely is a key point regarding cheaters also other factors like ping and even hardware can make a difference and finally lets say someone who has been playing none stop since launch or even just very often will more than likely hav…
  • Suffer the same thing some days while others are ok, need disable things such as the windows 10 update delivery optimization along with the telemetry stuff;
  • (Quote) Most if not all bans given for false detections can be rectified. If its a genuine case of a new piece of software that is not a cheat or anything that alters the game then all it takes is for the software to be submitted to them.
  • (Quote) (Quote) The last case of them getting it wrong according to the linked post was 2015
  • (Quote) One site you can use is No idea about how much cheaper but its a site i have used for a while without problems
    in Bf4 Dlc Comment by bishtop June 2018
  • (Quote) If you are getting the exact same error then i do believe that you will need to follow the information above to disable Windows DEP(more so as the second part of the O.P's log regarding when he tried the 32 bit version does relate to a DEP …
  • (Quote) last ones being in 2015 so not a regular thing by any means
  • (Quote) The only thing with some of the points in the guide are that you would have to assume your going to get a ban before you do get one, as it is also a GUID ban it will most likely be based on silent logging information and not just one specif…
  • go to his profile on battlelog and make a report from there, include your video link As stated naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums
  • inicie o jogo a partir do seu navegador e ele lhe dará um código de erro específico start the game from your web browser( battlelog) and it will give you an error code
    in punkbuster Comment by bishtop June 2018
  • If starting from battlelog which browser do you use, i personally noticed that chrome can use a lot of system resources while open in the background also some browsers allow you to use Gpu Acceleration which you could try disabling
  • (Quote) it could be due to one of many reasons with this being just one possibility and without looking at an error code we can only guess

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