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  • (Quote) That is a most excellent point my dude. Why would you want to change what your already comfortable playing not kmly that you have to buy the full base game. I have never been one for the big battle royal games as battlefield 5 already has …
  • Do you guys think that firestorm will make any difference to the player base as I have heard am mixed bag. Do you think that's what dice are mainly on with and why other parts of the game are lacking and the fact they have left some blatant and to …
  • (Quote) I really don't mind it to be honest. If they can sort out the assignment problems so it registers straight away and you can see the progress mid game as most of the time it won't bloody load so you don't know where you are at that point in …
  • Omg the fact you can be in dance fog and the opponent might not be explains some daft kills I have had. Dice needs to sort it out big time that a massive massive imbalance and makes me think maybe they employed some people from call of duty lol
  • Mine froze halfway though doing it all. I have emailed dice about if but I do blunt anything will get done about it. The assignment section of the game is massively broke. Sometimes you need to get 20kills for a 10 kill assignment other times you j…
  • "Since the last patch however sometimes when a game loads I get the black screen of nothingness. I have game sound. I can hear my weapon firing. But can't see anything. The menu doesn't display only the right tab that shows "daily orders&q…

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