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  • (Quote) My point was I should be able to earn everything through playing. Charge for cosmetics if they need to but give us some way to earn them through playing.(I.e some conversion rate of nearly useless Company Coin to Battlefield Currency) They…
  • So you deleted data after saving data. Restarted BFV..endured intro thing again ...played last tiger campaign again and then loaded your saved data back and still no credit for finding letters?
  • (Quote) (Quote) So how is spending a extra $140 for cosmetics a improvement over a Battle Pass?
  • Sesrch online and you will find solution involving deleting game data and then restarting the game. You’ll have to sit through intro stuff but will then give you credit for the letters unlocked but privously not registering with old data. I had the …
  • (Quote) With “coin” that appears in your account for just playing the game
  • (Quote) When going to the vehicles in my Company I was able to unlock it.
  • (Quote) No es solo un problema para ti. Por ahora solo tenemos que esperar a que DICE solucione el problema
  • “Requesting back up” added back to squad leader commands. Spot marker float or transparency so it does not obscure your view of target Adjust damage for most explosives so they effect everyone equally. Seems damage ring is bigger for the person usi…
  • Unfair? I think “difficult” is the word you are looking for.
  • I think part of the issue is detection of what is being looked at. Game trying to make sense of things that existed originally and now do not(destroyed) or the detecting of items between you and target that don’t appear in the zoomed view. I found a…
  • (Quote) You should try mixing up your class use. We all have our favorites but sometimes rolling with a different class can make things fun again. Less comparing how you should be doing with more “what can this class do that my other cant.”
  • When you get melted by snipers I recommend you respawn in as scout and return the favor, especially if they stay in the same spot. I think you will find the experience fills you once again with joy!
  • Something squirrelly going on(after update?) I completed all Tides requirements but nothing available in armory or company. Seems to be a wide spread issue. Perhaps while you wait you could also enjoy the post patch epilepsy inducing light show in …
  • Just happened to me now....loading into conquest match from Tides of War link. Even shows me in a squad if I hit the PlayStation button then return to black screen....
  • (Quote) This does give options! Not perfect but better than nothing. Thanks for the tip!
  • Your early access is the enlister offer. You are already taking advantage of it which is why it’s not available.
  • I don’t think it’s possible...and wouldn’t expect to appear if it’s not already in game. Wish I could swap none lethal gadgets to the right dpad like I’ve been able to do in BF4 and BF1. Strange it’s absent.. I wonder if it caused issue when loading…
  • (Quote) Used sparingly in close quarters and to make head targeting by enemy a little more difficult if in a pinch. Definitely not wise to keep the dang thing on like you are walking your dog. I always thought the entry to operation metro in BF3 mi…
  • One my favorite BF4 maps in the light, Zavod in the dark was pretty cool. Finally had a goood reason for equipping those barrel mounted lights. You can’t deny that Neville Nights is still a good looking map even if you think it is too dark or not d…
  • Not sure I get the complaint about “zerging”.....If everyone doesn’t like the about not doing it? I don’t mind recapturing an objective while I wait for the merry go round to come around again.

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