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  • (Quote) Hey, MW2 was one of my favourites haha but seriously I've gone back to bf4 for now because the game is in a terrible state.
  • It would be nice if the bullets actually hit where you aimed at in 3rd person. Regularly I can be pointing directly on infantry and I deal no damage but in 1st person I never have this issue. Also it would be nice if huge lag spikes didnt occur each…
  • With the lower player count of frontlines this map would've worked better but...
  • My favourite gamemode. The only issue that I thought there was that the timer shouldn't pause while the objective is locked. This leads to games lasting well over an hour if the team are balanced very well especially on hamada.
  • 90% of the time I played frontlines but a week ago I decided to switch back to bf4 waiting for some actual new content to be created for bf5. I guess the only reason for me to switch back has been removed now considering I don't think there are any …
  • (Quote) Fjell I find fun on squad conquest as well as Hamada even though on most other gamemodes I find them dreadfu. I agree with OP that arras is the best map by a mile but after playing it for so long it is now starting to lose my interest as w…
  • Console is actually a much fairer gaming place. No hackers, much more of an even playing field (as peripherals/specs are restricted more) and although you can buy equipment to trick the console I think it must be extremely uncommon. I usually finish…
  • My personal favourite experience highlighting the on point hitreg.
  • (Quote) Same except hamada + frontlines = 1+ hr boring tug of war imo
  • On xbox 1 atm, I have moments where it becomes unplayable due to extremely low FPS. It becomes especially bad on 64player servers and sometimes tanks.
  • Today I had the complete opposite and now had my spm showing up between 8-10k. I don't think these incorrect values are actually being used to calculate the overall spm though.
  • (Quote) Yeah I calculated the spm with the length of match (as I was there for the whole match) but the mode I basically only play is frontlines and this has change has happened recently. Often before I would get around 500 but it's not really the …
  • (Quote) Guess you were pto very well haha
  • (Quote) Thats it though, I use the Gewehr BA with and I am able to consistently finish at the top of the leaderboard when I PTO. It does require you to basically land headshots every bullet. My issue is that people are basically suggesting to remov…
  • (Quote) And then what is the point of the existance of recon then?. If it had no spotting flares then playing aggresively would be impossible. What would solve the issue are rented servers being intoduced so you can pick a lobby more suited to you…
  • (Quote) You're completely right. Every single server has the exact same tick rate, so what is the point in knowing this. If the score on the other hand was provided you would take a little peek and see 400-30 and swiftly move on.
    in G Comment by crazzeesyko April 2019
  • As soon as someone goes prone as long as a half decent recon is present they're dead instantly. I know visibility is bad especially when people are in shadows but at times it sounds like huge exaggerations are constantly being made like "I can'…
  • A lot of people forget that on gamemodes like frontlines there is only one objective. If they request the order after you selected the only objective then you will lose your position. I dont get why just making it so that if there is an active order…
  • Played two games and got fed up. At every choke point dynamite is just spammed. It would be good if they removed the resupply stations to limit the explosives however I did notice this gamemode is one that allows medic to shine.
  • Yeah I tried to sneak up and take out the gunner first but nope, not gonna happen. Should've just shot my piat and I would've had a better chance of killing him.

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