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Yeah I always looked out for BF4 servers that had sniper rifles restricted.  Recon: Loved them.  Snipers: Ugh.
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In my experience this is rarely the case. People tend to "go sniper" when their side starts losing and CQC feels tough, which then makes it worse and causes a potential momentary imbalance to become unrecoverable.  Then th…
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It's not snipers on the *other* team that's a problem. It's snipers sucking the PTFO out of your own team that ruins matches.
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It's difficult, sure. They could start by not putting 12 top level players with 1000+ experience hours in one team and 1 in the other. No one is seriously suggesting skill balancing is easy.  People are definitely, and with reason,…
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Lol. Caught!
  • Yes, of course no one man's experience proves anything.  The truth possibly lies somewhere between 9/10 and more-often-then-not. Go check the BF4 forums for analysis and complaints of the skill rating system and complaints about one-sided matches f…
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Proof? I played BF4 for 1300+ hours and it was my biggest problem with the game. Games were 9 times out of 10 a one-sided blow-out even when the sides were equal number of players.  "the system worked more often than not"?…
  • To be fair, most BF4 matches were badly balanced skill-wise, but at least they managed to not start with horribly unequal *number* of players. Also, BF4 had better private server options that allowed admin to scramble teams and, importantly, *tell …
  • 5/10.  No point playing it when BF1 is better.  Heck, BF4 is better.  Actually just about any BF is better.
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The point is, I am perhaps an above average player - not great - and was able to get scores/kills *similar* to the heavy bomber scores that are being complained about as an infantry player. I can do it easier in an attack plane or …
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I was actually on my own most of the time, not getting a ton of ammo box score. I spend a depressing amount of time on my own in BF1 as not many players tend to do what I do: Defend flags and attack flags from actually on the flag …
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The problem is, if it weren't automatic it would be no improvement to visibility.  If someone could see the enemy quickly and well enough to manually spot them, then there wasn't a problem with visibility.
  • Yeah, that's not spotting.  It's not seen by the whole team or on the minimap.  It's just trying to mitigate the often god-awful visibility. They can't undo the horribly cluttered graphics and terrible uniform designs and customisations, so this is…
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No one is saying that score is balanced.  What I am saying is the HB getting big scores doesn't mean it's a particularly big problem in itself. (Image) Here's one of me just now.  I played support the whole game.  I was on the losi…
  • Nope, I argue that *change* adds variety and that fog *changes* the way a map plays.  You keep calling it 'less' because it reduces your particular favoured playstyle, maybe?  *shrug* I don't know.  It's clear you can't be persuaded to see it the wa…
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*Rolls eyes* Who cares about monster KDs?  I am saying I regularly fly - though I play and enjoy all classes - and I'm not great, but if no one bothers to go after me, I can be MVP on the losing side with scores way higher than the …
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Of course not. People *know* they are going to run out of ammo quickly, so they don't even leave the ammo dump. Combine that with the fact if you get anywhere near one or more assault players and you insta-die and tankers camp. Ha…
  • So the problem isn't particularly the muromets it's the way it's abusable in certain situations.  Like small sectors in Ops. There have always been problems with balancing planes in Ops.  All planes.  They maybe shouldn't be there at all, but, yeah…
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Can easy get the same performance in an attack plane if no one bothers to go after you.  Even if they do, if you're good.  Even had a fighter plane ace that was MVP even though on the losing team last night.  I had great fun ruining…

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