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 I need a video of the bench in game to believe your 3770k is running 80 to 100, more like 60 to 80 and lower, with medium settings. I had that same cpu .
Post a video with fps and HWI will search my videos I have one showi…
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 The windows update ending xxxx60 caused similar results in some pc, This is the update that was suppose to fix the bugs in xxxx389, xxxx60 update replaced 389 with even more problems then the 389 patch, unfortunately when uninstal…
  • Most of the time corrupted PF will lead to this, how did the pagefile get changed to custom is strange. Usually this is automatically set during setup, the user that knows how to use those settings will adjust according to the amount of memory. Just…
  • Test for everyone to try, go to custom Pagefile and make only available 16mb, reboot, start bf5 crash to desktop everytime, what I have discovered since a new winupdate the pagefile gets corrupted. I have 128GB of memory which is suitable enough to …
  • (Quote) goodluck
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 Yep; I can see that happening, I created a desktop shortcut to the cache folder, for the similar reason you did. Matter of fact, I had to take over ownership of the bf folder to use the cache the way I wanted. NO PERMISSION PROB…
  • You know what to do to test, GL
  • Looks like a bad memory, corrupted HD specially Pagefile.      Key  : AV.Dereference There is a memory access violation, this happens with windows update, if we uninstall some updates there is a problem were the permissions get overwritten. When un…
  • Go to inspector turn lod to 3000. Nothing else matters.
  • Check to see if fast startup is enabled in bios, I've seen this cause the exact same. Poor quality memory, poor quality parts , bad power. With windows update to 1909 there are some updates that really cause some pc to act differently.  Myself I dis…
  • Today standards are Xinput, Most interfaces today use the standard xinput. Emulators will do the work for you.1. I use xbox360ce https://www.x360ce.com/  Download and extract in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield V or,  your game insta…
  • Some wanted this
  • Greed has taking over the planet, all your valuable information is gathered up for the next paid service, that will fix the things. I can see it now, big overlay on the screen blocking your next perfect shot. WTG MR.GREEDY.  EA fairplay rule, NO RU…
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 3d sound from head phones with 2 speakers is not really 3d sound, what dts does is divide the speakers in half to simulate 3d sound. You will always get noise confusion with this setup.
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 This is the LOD editing, you cannot hid from anyofthis, EA, should have done something by now, but, no!, they are allowing this to continue, even after giving EA the Codes to ban the use, they still refuse to do anyting about th…
  • It does work, just EA made a change to the DSR file so you need make a change to the DSR. Once the change is made you will need to change it back after you edit the driver.

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