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  • if you're looking for a clan to play with feel free to look our direction. We're not "hard core" gamers, we're just people who enjoy gaming. 21 and older and you need a mic and shouldn't be offended when people cuss or drink. www.donkeymilitia.com.
  • Its also another way that they are focusing on the detail of things. So what, the kid who started this post didn't know that's the phonetic language of the day. Hell, kids these days don't know what a pay phone is. I can see the confusion there. if …
  • I can see it now. there are going to be those stupid crouch only servers. the ones that kick you for running around. All the old people without enough hand eye coordination to shoot and chew bubble gum at the same time. if youre looking for a team t…
  • Lets work out all the bugs first. I would like a game that the engineers pay more attention to the details of the game rather than the BEAN COUNTERS trying to make a profit. I'll be ready to rent when they are ready to let me. And if you don't have …
  • I would like to see the score of the game while I'm dead looking at my position in the game. when you are dead you cant see what either sides score is. That would help me decide where I would spawn at if I could see the score. just saying, not compl…
  • I agree with MANGOEIS, but I understand that it is a rough draft of the game. I would like to see you tweak the weapons to be more realistic with the damage they should deal out. The assault class riffles do very little damage while some of the othe…

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