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  • (Quote) Capzones are bugged and will be fixed according to one of the level designers on reddit. As for Hamada towers I'd even go as far as to block them out completely; similar to what was done to Rotterdam bridge, otherwise they are just beacons …
  • (Quote) I'm not against Conquest Small although for me the maps felt a bit too empty without adjusting the size to the amount of players (not sure if all maps were not adjusted, don't shoot me D: ) I would argue that the changes to maps, additional…
  • (Quote) British AA has a spec that shreds infantry as far as I know. Plus without the tanks it just becomes Domination with slightly shifted cap points. I never really played with vehicles but I can see potential in having a tank cooperate with a s…
  • (Quote) Thanks! This is precisely how I feel when playing Conquest :) I'm never able to seize any vehicle at the beginning... Do you think adding transport vehicles (2 motorbikes or similar) would help alleviate that? (Quote) Thank you! I'm really…
  • (Quote) I agree that 8v8 when playing with and vs randoms seems a bit too empty, however for a competitive mode it seems just enough, I think, anything more and the comms become too difficult to manage. I'd love to see this mode to be their labrat …

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