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  • ShadowofDeth17 wrote: » As with any game type in this game, it is most fun when the match is close. Even if I lose, it got my heart racing. Steamrolling, from either end, bores me to death. Which is what happened almost every match. A few obser…
  • 0SiGHT0 wrote: » It's basically the same as domination with slightly different rules. They need to put in Conquest Small because that's what everyone wants. No planes, limited vehicles, on maps and flags that are large enough for decent gameplay. …
  • SOULJ4R wrote: » I like a break from the normal conquest stomp and GO gets a bit boring after a while. The other modes never did it for me but squad conquest is decent, apart from the tanks being on there, I mean why have an A.A tank when there's …
  • FritzCT wrote: » Nice post OP. I've only played one round so far (Arras) but it was like dropping in half way through a modern pentathlon competition. Run to first flag & shoot, run to second flag & shoot, run to third flag & sho…
  • xBCxSEALxTEAMx6 wrote: » 8 v 8 is too small, and the maps too small for tanks. 32 player Conquest on the current conquest maps is what they need. 16 v 16 on those big maps will give you the same room to breathe and plan as that does, but much more…

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