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  • Game needs reverted back to how it was on initial release...then just add in the new content and work from there. everything they have done since release has done nothing but make it worse. ( except that one time when it was near perfect....shortest…
  • (Quote) I agree with this. But for some, the one and only reason to even buy into the BF franchise is because they can sit back and snipe. Something you can't really do in any other mainstream fps game. Everyone has their favorite thing to do in b…
  • (Quote) It's one map, not the whole DLC. If I remember correctly...the Last DLC seemed to have been ruined by OP planes....and it just wasn't one map either. And the two night maps added in later are definitely Assault friendly. Nerfing the scout …
  • (Quote) Since I switched to a SSD, I don't have much time between rounds and most of the time the BP opening gets interrupted when the next round starts. Then you never know if you lost that skin, added xp or puzzle piece, or you have to dig throug…
  • There are: - sniperfest maps - planefest maps - tankfest maps - assaultfest maps - medicfest maps - supportfest maps - cavalryfest maps The dummer you play, the worse they seem. Get smart, adapt and overcome!
  • - Never spend real money on battlepacks. - Never open them all in a row ( open a couple at a time) - Never open any between rounds - Never waste scraps on Elite packs when there is only one legendary skin you want - Never assume opening more packs w…
  • (Quote) Prolly cause I don't know Jack about GTA online...didn't know there was that option. I tried to call the Mechanic to have it delivered and kept getting a message that my car was occupied.. The dude drove it to the military base and stole a …
  • I had to take a break from BF1, everything was becoming rage inducing. So I jump into GTA V with my son and this happens.... https://youtu.be/2bQy06Jp0Io Some jerk shot me, stole my personal car and when I went to go back to where he was, this happe…
  • Premium content should be PREMIUM content. And players that payed full price from the get go, should have had better service from day one.....so late comers would get a discount because they missed out on the previous months of the PREMIUM features.…
  • what this kinda reminds me of is when a newer company has a pre-order on a "in the works" product. They claim, "pre-order and save" . So, interested parties pre-order the product and wait. All the pre-order funds help finance the…
  • (Quote) it never happened or never happens. . . . . . . . according to some people. the rest of us are just delusional. ;)
  • (Quote) yep, and when you get real good, you are considered a Master Baiter. Lots of them on here. I think the op might have earned that title. :p
  • you have to learn to finesse the trigger on the ribey to keep from loosing your target in the muzzle flash. up close just hold and blast. at longer distances, blip the trigger in short blasts and keep track of the target in between blips (standing o…
  • (Quote) It would have been nice to have the infantry Mosin fill that missing m1903 gap, since RL ballistics are fairly similar. It sounds like a 1895 to me...I hope that it's just a borrowed report sound and it will have a better one eventually. A …
  • (Quote) Ok, I did that and didn't notice any difference or change. I don't recall trying to fire right after...but I hit it more than once, so I could have ended right back where I started from.

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