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  • OMG... Am I really discussing this with ppl that don't know the difference between resolution and resolution scale? Setting the scale higher and maybe the resolution lower does indeed take some strain of the cpu. But on topic: your laptop should be …
  • Sure the difference is there, but not that big (turbo on 4 cores 3.1 vs 3.3, slightly more bandwidth on 7400 and so on) and he has to make better use of the 1060. Maybe lower res and super sample combined with capping the fps at 60. But better chec…
  • Some more info, please. Are you trying to join servers in your own area? (for instance: if you live in Europe, do you search for servers in Europe?) Looks like a ping related issue to me. Bandwidth of your Internet connection?
  • Nonsense. I play an I5 7400 / gtx1050ti /8GB set up and I hit 50-60 fps on high, with some ultra settings. Like you said: benchmarks say something else, so first check some other causes. Like, are you running other software? Did you enable memory r…

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