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  • All this does is appease passive players with no passion for this franchise and screw over anyone who has been dedicated to this and are the core player base. I have literally heard nobody ask for this. All they’ve gotten is praise for the ttk and n…
  • I can’t disagree with your point of view. I think the main complaint I have specifically about the 50% discount is for veteran players, of course meaning having past battlefield accounts. The player base that always show up typically at release for …
  • On a different note, out of the probably 60 battlepacks I've opened during revision 5 including 3 superior battlepacks i've turned over from scrap and one awarded for my premium membership, it has granted me The General 5 seperate times and The Chan…
  • Having exact same issue on PS4. Im a little hesitant as I contacted cx service with EA just a couple days ago about my Road to Battlefield 1 Community Challenge not registering my kills and the issue still isn't resolved, but a mans gotta do what a …
  • Just bought premium for battlefield 1. Battlefield player from the beginning, dice have another good game but was skeptical until i saw it included 14 premium battlepack deliveries. After purchasing i found 1 regular battlepack in my inventory conta…

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