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  • Blackout isn't squads only but nice try.
  • Dood its the current year we cant let people play as Germans, it might push someone out of their safe space bubble, we cant have that.
  • I have no idea wtf i just watched honestly... More women than in The View, some '' top banter'' by a redhead girl with a robot arm, Fortnite looking colours... This looked more like a weird rejected child of Far Cry 5 and Wolfenstein.
  • This whole DLC is a big disaster. So it's not realistic enough to have the Russians use heavy tanks, but 50% of the Russian army consisting of women is very realistic.
  • They don't do it for us, they do it for our money and still scam us every chance they get. Wow, they work 8 hours a day, i work 10 hrs every day except sunday and if i mess up i will get my **** fired, so i don't t understand why we shouldn't compl…
  • I dont think you got my point. I run support too, but in order to take down a plane with LMGs, without getting insanely lucky, you have to camp AA guns and then when the plane is at low hp shoot it with the LMG. Also, it makes you look like a useles…
  • Here, genius, let me spell it out for you : They are difficult because they require you to get lucky in order to complete them. If you think camping and spraying planes with LMG fire requires skill i have bad news for you.
  • I am not against assingments in general, i am against encouraging people to focus on dumb stuff like shooting planes with bb guns and camping with tripwires. Assingments for TSNP were mostly ok and i had no problem with them, these however are compl…
  • For free? Buddy, i paid 50 dollars for premium, so after DICE practically made the maps free for everyone with 24/7 premium friends and trials, i at least expect to get my weapons.
  • Please tell me what these ''challenges'' add to the game. They aren't even real challenges since they require no skill whatsoever, they discourage people from playing the objective and promote camping, they just aren't fun in any way and they are ve…
  • Lol wtf is this thread
  • Yeah im not very PC right, im a **** for opposing adding nonsense to a game i love, because otherwise some feminist will get triggered. Just send SWAT to my apartment already i deserve it for not being ashamed of my race and gender.
  • That is exactly the problem, just look at white men today for the love of God, everything about them screams :"Sorry about my gender and race, its not my fault". Its insanely pathetic, and most normal women agree.
  • Wow they are a majority, wtf fix this immediately, its not like 99 percent of the fighting forces consisted of white men.
  • Alright, thanks for the help. I live in south eastern Europe and the closest servers are in the north west so Dice kinda gave us the D here, but at least its still playable, and hopefully it will eliminate region jumping.
  • Damn, i got it at least 4 times, i still have 1 just sitting there, wish there was a way to trade skins.
  • Yeah you guys are probably right, i might give up on battlepacks completely and just save up for exchange. I wont be able to survive another c96 box cannon.
  • Lol you got triggered by a random comment on bf forums, time to rethink your life choices.

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