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  • I use the new TurtleBeach elite Pro 2’s and the sound is amazing for all games. My problem is when I need to do a firmware update I cannot as my computer doesn’t recognize the headset no matter how many times I’ve deleted or reinstalled the app and …
  • They need to fix the time it takes for a grenade to go off (frag) I’ve notice the sticky grenade when I aim to throw it at distance it’ll stick to something in front/near me. Yes I’ve made sure many times that I was clear. AA tanks should be able to…
  • I assumed we’d get the American faction added in as its ww2, maybe Japan as well. But kinda stinks that the maps are already feeling stale.
  • (Quote) That must have just changed I was refreshing the page and pc was down then it went up and ps4 was down
    in Servers Comment by jangoman88 March 2018
  • I started a game and got booted and also cannot reconnect. Servers show up which is weird
    in Servers Comment by jangoman88 March 2018
  • Is there a tracker to see? I can't seem to find it. As too how many more you need?

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