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  • LOL, great way to get your message across I'm sure they are listening to you.
  • *sigh* Please stop trashing on slugs they are not that bad. Actually they are a very versatile choice for the shotguns u just have to learn how to use them effectively.
  •  I didn't laugh, well I did my first round with it where I went 29 - 3 with it, but now I just feel guilty using it. I think its gonna get kinda ridiculous when more people start using (camping) with it.
  • Its borderline OP and the perfect troll weapon for a camper, I would not mind it getting a nerf. It is fun to use though.
  • TDM and Domination are now finally on Panzerstorm! I really like TDM on this map but DOM I dont know yet as it seems easy to get spawn trapped will have to play more on it.
  • Medic Pouches should be able to heal players back to full health but with no extra bandage. Medic Crates should be able to heal players back to full health with extra bandage. Or make Medic Pouches heal slower and Medic Crates heal faster.
  •  I agree with OP. If content is being restricted by some WW2 timeline for a game that already has a rocky player base then thats dumb. In all honesty there should have already had 4 factions in the game by the end of March but since the game was rel…
  •  The m1897 4th specialization on the right side is called trigger job and allows you to increase the rate of fire.
  • Assault will probably get the M1 Garand and Medic will probably get the Grease Gun.
    in M1 Garand Comment by jimbutt9 May 14
  • Shotgun main here. I think shotguns are fine as they are. Any nerf to buckshot and it will revert right back to its inconsistent pre-patch state. If anything Slug rounds can use a very very slight buff and I say that only cause the community still t…
  •  Shooting at tank gunners has been bugged for awhile now. Also I noticed shooting behind cover is bugged at times too.
  • Man, I love the M28. I knew I liked it the minute I got my first kill with it. It is not for everyone though I will admit that but I do think it is a great and dangerous gun in the right hands. Now the Commando is just a pain in the rear to use. Its…
  • (Quote) 
Good point, but who knows? Depending on the size and location where it would be centered in Panzerstorm for those modes it could work out fine. Plus, an open map like that would be a good change up for those modes if done correctly. 
  • (Quote) 
I think the map are way too detailed as there are more nooks and crannies to hide in compared to other titles. Not saying its a bad thing but makes the maps seem bigger than they really are.
  • yeah I think bullet speed and ROF ( somewhere around 130 or 150) are two thing that it needs buffed the most. Also think extending ohk headshot range would help.
    in Commando Rifle Comment by jimbutt9 May 1
  • Man yall are some huge cry babies right now. Its like as if yall never played BF3 or 4 before where tap firing or bursting was the meta. this is a good change as most of the assault rifles and smgs were way too easy to use. I hope the Semi's and lmg…
  • I strongly think Hardcore with BF5 would be a disaster.
  • Can't play BFV without getting brutally facialed by AP mines a couple times a game. What annoys me now about them is that if you shoot one and it explodes it wont set off the others close by like they would previously.
    in Ap mine Comment by jimbutt9 May 1
  • There also seem to be more clutter with in-game text pop ups which is a little annoying.
  • This game really needs the US, Soviets, and Imperial Japan factions in the game with appropriate maps included. BFV will always feel incomplete without this.

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