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  • (Quote) frankly, i think we could do with just being allowed to move around and explore the map while waiting for the server to fill up. you're still waiting with nothing much happening, but at least you can check the map out without pressure or mi…
  • (Quote) first in line to wait in another line, more like.
  • (Quote) a uniform change sounds a lot less demanding than making entirely new characters and giving them the 1 hour of voice acting like the men, or possibly three hours with the three factions in BF4
  • (Quote) don't forget the Italian Support and his spaghetti knight look. back when the Crossbow came out, it really did look like an explosive reenactment of a medieval battle with knights firing their crossbows at each other and beating each other …
  • (Quote) wouldn't a WW2 shooter made right now be considered a modern shooter though? the mechanics of a modern shooter, the playerbase, the business practices and more are all there, just with a different theme of where the players will be maiming …
  • (Quote) yeah but those are AI controlled dummies meant to entertain you, players who can react and change plans are totally different. the scariness of the machine gun during its heyday is downplayed a little when everyone can take an odd number of…
  • is this a blockbuster hit of a thread we're about to witness? i've noticed the same thing too by the way, if you were to take the bad kind of vehicle players out of their comfort zone then they're basically stormtroopers.
  • i believe back in BF3 and 4 a direct hit with the smoke grenade launcher would deal damage if you happened to bonk someone in the chest with it, maybe we should test that here.
  • aren't the pieces still in the random drop?
  • i'd hate to see people get kicked just because someone feels like going on a crusade against people who feel like playing Scout today, no matter how useful they are its gotta be good enough that it couldn't be abused so easily, or it'd be like TF2s…
    in *removed* Comment by kekcroc April 2017
  • i hope we can at least get something out of this thread, like inspire someone in this forum to become a historian just to prove us all wrong in future arguments.
  • (Quote) sounds like somebody wasn't around to hear the most tremendous cannonade they've ever heard, the one that swept around us in a red leaping curve quite unending in either direction i know exactly what you mean though, these empty servers are…
  • (Quote) them devils ain't so tough, us boys will knock out their fortifications easy (yeehaws in southwestern USA) seriously though, i like these cutscenes, but who made the Americans sound so cheesy in their cutscenes? i can understand that they…
  • (Quote) have you seen the machine guns they got?! the artillery?! the planes?!
  • at least it lives up to being Super Rare tell us one thing though man, please tell us that you didn't spend real money on battlepacks
  • i'm all 'america, heck yeah' as much as the next yank, but c'mon man, our Army was the basically the Vulture that came after the Lions killed the Water Buffalo
  • what's with people and ellipsis these days? we should have a conquest small though, i agree on that.
  • (Quote) they were obnoxious, but fair enough since they were slow and fat enough that someone who got gud could really hurt them with a well placed rocket you're thinking of the Scout Choppers though, the ones who infamously had repair monkeys help…
  • i use them plenty on stationary weapons, but 9/10 the tank driver is either deaf or has ADHD and either drives off to repair in cover or drives somewhere else in a panic and gets themselves killed. us supports are almost always willing to repair if…

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