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  • OP has a point. Happens to me to but I am a [removed] infantry player. However quite a few decent players I know of including one with a infantry spm and kdr around 700/8 also seems to be having issues with low ranked players. I doubt there is any c…
  • (Quote) 
I would say your experience may be the problem. I am not the most skilled player but have adapted to BFV pretty well. Tanks are just too weak to be used like they were back in BF4 etc. Unfortunately staying back slightly from the ca…
  • Idk about everyone else but as it stands I feel the supposed 15% damage buff has been removed. Jumped in an abandoned Valentine (no upgrades) before and bodyshots were doing 70 damage. 70 f***ing damage! I like the reduction in splash damage but you…
  • (Quote) Been thinking that myself actually. Some moron from EA fresh out of business school calling the shots despite only using a computer for share trading with daddy's money. Can only see dollar signs. Damn shame.. If there is someone like that…
  • (Quote) Here I was thinking it was my controller or console. A brand new Xbox One X with a brand new controller and it still happens. It is like the game struggles to keep up with rapid inputs ie, jump 360 self heal will often fail to register the …
  • Gotta love how someone from EA edited the OP's comment but didn't have the balls to give ANY sort of answer as to why there are no oceanic firestorm servers. I am really trying to like this game but things like this just make you want to delete the …
  • [quote=" Dud, respectfully, if you can shoot an M1A1 Carbine, as quick as it does with Cronus (like a machine gun), please make us a vid showing us that. I say that sincerely. There's just no way.[/quote] (Quote) As an avid M1A1 user I will sa…

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