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  • I just got 17 kills no deaths in multiplayer with new gun and no upgrade! Is this a joke? I needed 4 in one life I've done it on 5 maps , but I will not play firestorm too many hackers first game in there I was killed right away by some kid with a p…
  • cheaters are all over the place in these games, this morning I encountered 6 alone that I could tell LVL 2 65-1 KD, LVL 7 83-0 I've come to the forums before and have yet to here about anyone getting booted or that EA is addressing this, one guy I w…
  • EA needs to address these issues 
    in Hackers Comment by lewron1306 July 25
  • its total BS, hackers ruin it. I just left a game that I got a med tank and shot a guy 3 times point blank with a TANK and he killed me !!!!! WTF if it was fair fight I would stay I loved BF4 , 1 sucked but 5 has potential
  • The younger gen thinks its OK to use cheats, it wouldn't surprise me if EA and other gaming company's create the codes and sell them online for the profit. Not one person I have reported has been stopped ( LVL 1 used a pistol the whole game with ove…
  • no Stug, I've had over 100 kills in an objective area, and no reward , I spawn in and it looks like I did acid , I've spawned in on a map and been right in the middle of the opposing force ??????????? WTF

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