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  • I really think is to punish us because we bought the standard edition. that's the way to make us want to spend more for the next game to be on the same level as the guys who buy the deluxe edtion.
  • Which edition of bfv did you buy? I also have the same issue I bought the standard edition. I think we don't have a lot of assignment because we didn't spend a lot of money in the game. It will , I think, rotate every week like the medals in bf1.…
  • jmgargoyle wrote: » Gokhan1247 wrote: » hi guys it is very strange that ea or dice is not solving this for 1 month!!! there happened problems like this before dlcs but they solved with patch now there is no info very sad before bf v launch …
  • Hi, for the tracking it’s maybe a matter of time. It might take a few hours or a day to update your progress. About your latency you should try an other server maybe go to an other region.
  • I would say. Take your time, sometimes when I try to play to fast I get kill all the time. I don't know how long have you play the game but learn the map, try a few weapons you like and you fee confortable with. Then don't run after fleeing enemies…
  • select a private US server. that s it
  • it's back. gg to you all
  • EA server issue in France can't go online
  • you can on discord with the BFEE community , you will find all the links to video or website to help you or the people over there might help you. They re really nice. It's worse doing it to unlock the peacekeeper (Revolver Ocelot gun). This revol…
  • Since the last update I also have the same issue. Black screen with the loading circle on the top right corner for a really long time.
  • Hi, you should reload a bit more, with the RSC SMG who only got 8 bullets you have to reload all the time but before doing that make sure you are not in the plain field. also try to look a bit more on the side maybe on the option put the screen wide…
  • Hi, did you try to reboot your router? Maybe because of the update you need to set up again the tcp and udp ports on your router.
    in Ping Comment by lianCTVS July 2018
  • LOLGotYerTags wrote: » lianCTVS wrote: » Hi, When you did this challenge for the dog tag only the 10 first got the tags??? We sometimes get a bunch of codes to give away for completing tasks such as killing a vip either by roadkilling, …
  • Hi, When you did this challenge for the dog tag only the 10 first got the tags???
  • sniper4team wrote: » PLEASE TELL ME DICE WHAT IS THE LIMIT OF CHARACTER PRIVATIZATION?Indefinitely?IF POSSIBLE GIVE ME FAT BLACK WOMEN RED HAIRY RESISTINCE CHARACTER? For me that would be a Black transgender chicken with red and curly fea…
  • LOLGotYerTags wrote: » lianCTVS wrote: » We are at the end of the life circle of bf1. We're not, End of life cycle will be when the game is sunset, Meaning no further updates or patches or content will be developed. Yesterday i…
  • they should stop the randomness of the battlepacks and make you chose what you want. they should also stop it for the medals. it's almost impossible to finish this game at 100% without luck. Bf1 is at the end of it's life circle Dice should do some…

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