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  • I had the same problem, I don't think it's a bug but just not made to clear from the description. You have to destroy vehicles in a tank. I did this and got the points in Obe game.
  • YouTube clip from westie mentions that dice are planning on slowing down the time to kill, he's not happy but it could be the answer to our problems.
  • Found the same problem myself, played bf1 constantly in the top 10 struggling in this to get in top 20 always seam to be killed one shot but it takes me 4 or 5 to kill anyone else. I know I've got to get used to the maps and I guess there could be …
  • I liked the addition of special assignments in bf1 to earn dog tags I just feel it should have been in from the beginning. For example over the year as a casual player I probably killed 50 plus players while been gassed or on fire without realising…
  • I really enjoyed doing the assignments in bf1 so knowing they're going to be in bfv is great news. It would be good if the notification on accomplishing an assignment was more obvious, I got the beta dog tag without noticing which was a bit disapp…
  • I know this is an old post but I had the same problem recently and found a solution so it might help someone else.when signed in as pc on the bf companion as default, go on the home tab, click on the settings cog icon, now go into setting and change…
  • hi I know this has been covered but it annoys me so I'm going to mention it again I used to love operations but for a while now I can't find a server that has anyone in it, the only way I can play is if a choose a random game, it always puts me on …

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