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  • Who ever designed this non-option should be replaced by someone more competent. "Hey lets add parachuting when spawn camped, but now they will just land on the enemy who shoots them out of the sky in seconds. It will be fun." Said one of t…
  • Lvl 50 and all I get is 300CC per day of daily missions. I also saw during one game at the end $2200 reward. I go to my account and nope not there. I can't customize vehicles or weapons the way I want and this gives me a disadvantage against othe…
  • Why did you bring back the kill cam? Why would I want someone to know where I killed them from so they can come back the next life and kill me? So how am I supposed to get 10 headshots in one life while in the objective areas? These patches and u…
  • Why even have tanks in BFV or even planes if they only last seconds against infantry or incendiary bullets of attack planes? Kind of hard to rank a vehicle up if you're not in one long enough to matter. .......
  • I've killed the train on the forest map with the Kolibre and didn't get credit @DICE . I have the video recording to prove it. Where can I send the video #DICE? I don't have Twitter.
  • When will #DICE have Elite pick ups in Hardcore? They should have a vote to kick option for team killers as well. When you know that it was done on purpose.
  • I never had a problem with the original damage. I'm sick of little **** crying on these forums about weapons being over powered. Every time the wind blows a different direction they cry and #DICE changes it for them. So I'm on here crying trying …
  • I've been kicked from the game for being idle (5 min) waiting on a tank to spawn. none in the map. Some games I never see tanks spawn. I have also been killed twice on Monte Grappa above D and B in a tank for being out of bound for only 4-5 secon…
  • I get black screen frequently and the constant loading circle. Have to go to dashboard to quit the game. Also during the game #DICE #BATTLEFIELD why is it so slow to quit a match. Like we get stuck in purgatory and waiting sometimes several minu…
  • Hey #DICE Why did you go and try and re invent the wheel? Why not use the same standards as BF4 Hardcore? Mistakes in the game that are constant: Spawning as horse rider without a horse!, No spawn protection (spawning me in front of oncoming tan…

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