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I think while Battlefield 1943 was rather colourful in its palette for its time, I think the fact it was marketed as a mostly Pacific Themed game that contained asymmetric combat and somewhat believable soldiers made it a little mor…
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same, though for some of the ironsights like the Tommy gun there is a bit too much visual clutter of the sight bed and housing so I ended up having to change to the sandstorm ironsights to remove the sight bed or whatever its called…
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bad company 2 had a funny parachute system where if you descend a slightly lower terrain you can mash the keyboard to activate the parachute, its uber pointless since you don't lose health but its kinda funny.
  • It's more funny knowing one of the gas masks in-game is a Chinese early 2000s gasmask that looks like it was ported straight outta battlefield 4. 
  • How does this game still have only one somewhat British torso, and one Variant of a US torso with a somewhat accurate British webbing 8 months after release perplexes me. What really is infuriating is that the chapter 4 trailer clearly shows Denison…
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yep, both tropical island map design with more of an emphasis and theme of amphibious invasions would be a nice change of pace to the already boring European landscape of maps we've been given minus the African maps.. That and more …
  • no but the scrapped archetype system did have a commando like class setup complete for stealth gameplay.
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Same, irrelevant of the time setting I just don't want many of the modern day battlefield mechanics like the tank or plane spawn mechanics to be apart of the game. Vehicle spec options and weapon spec upgrade trees *maybe* might hav…
  • I like how this thread was created by someone who was criticising Dice for 'distorting history' while said person is also distorting the regime's massive death count to fit his own narrative that the Soviet Union did nothing wrong. By all means the…
  • it was part of a ToW week where you had to get 2 kills with the V-1, though the assignment sometimes did not track which is just lovely. Anyways most likely bet is they will put this as a Boins exclusive outfit like the Final Countdown, there's a y…
  • (Quote) not a huge confirmation but could potentially be a sign of bikes coming to accomodate maps like Panzerstorm, Hamada and Al Sundan.
  • who knows, maybe they might add another US helmet for the ToW rank up levels, because if there's anything we know, it's those British soldier boys sure love their early war American helmets and uniforms!
  • BfV should of been like Hell Let Loose? In what aspect? Atmosphere I can understand, but for maps like Devastation, Arras and Mercury I think they nailed the geography of those landscapes quite well for the early conflict (particularly that sometime…
  • Apart from the m1a1 carbine apparently used by British paratroopers in 1943, the British assault pretty much have no SLRs or semi automatics ingame that they would have used irl in ww2. No assault rifles either which isn't a bad thing if it weren't …
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doubt year 2 will have a large plethora of map content. While it might be possible to see Russian maps I don't think they will create alot, especially with the apparent bad company 3 on the loom.  But for the time being 8 free maps…
  • Uh since 2013 Medal of Honour has been taken out of rotation and not only will there not be a game this year, I doubt they'll ever make another game again. You are more likely to see Brothers in Arms return than MoH Also this is off topic.
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it's either added as a reimagining for the veteran players who recognise from what games they came from for battlefield but potentially yes it's definitely possible they are ditching the chronology nonsense.
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I'm confused now, is Province and Loboten Islands exclusive to the 5vs5 mode? The way they showcased the maps while not mentioning their appearance ingame tied to a specific mode suggests they might include these in normal mulitplay…
  • Honestly I only ever used close quarter maps in bf3 and bf4 for wanting to grind out my guns and weapon assignements. In BfV there is already so many small based maps and considering we only have a simple specialisation system I wonder what people e…
  • Glad Iwo Jima is confirmed, kinda funny that we are skipping the whole chronology bull and lesser known fronts nonsense that Dice hyped up and then half a**ed. Good to see something like Iwo Jima return, hopefully next they do Wake Island/Philippine…

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