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  • Dude where do you get the download from? I redeemed my code and nothing happened..
  • The podcast Blueprint for Armageddon by Hardcore History really gets me in the early 1900's spirit. It's a complete story about the war with a really good narrator,
  • I know it sounds lame, but you should listen to Hardcore History podcast on WW!. It's super interesting and informative. It's 6 parts that are 4 hours long each. The guy who narrates is an awesome storyteller. It really got me into that time period.…
  • You could also get more players to work if you made a new multiplayer mode that was more structured. Maybe a mode where players have to fill certain roles in order for the their team to take an objective... I agree with op, if you're gonna do w…
  • The Battle of the Somme is one that we should see. Artillery fire lasted for days non-stop. And the British lost 60,000 on the first day. Also, not a battle but I hope they capture the scale of the German army at the start of the war. They were …

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