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  • Support players can equip the hydrant which is meant specifically to extinguish flares and fires.
  • How is it unfair if everyone had it though?
  • bran1986 wrote: » I think it is a great thing to be honest. Most of us do leave detailed feedback, not everyone is a "crybaby" Then why is it only a select few who get catered to? What about me and what I want?
  • All war is bad and allows death, you've just been conditioned to hate some armies while loving others. Pretty pathetic and makes you a fool.
  • They want the points for themselves, this has always been a thing, it's beyond me why people are crying about it. At least those people are dropping their own crates and helping the team, preferable to the players that don't drop at all.
  • Loqtrall wrote: » mistaviks2 wrote: » V2Face wrote: » mistaviks2 wrote: » Don't see the point of this. I could revive fallen teammates fine without having to let them know I'm coming and most players will wait. Trolls who quickly…
  • V2Face wrote: » mistaviks2 wrote: » Don't see the point of this. I could revive fallen teammates fine without having to let them know I'm coming and most players will wait. Trolls who quickly re spawn when you get to them will still do i…
  • Once again my main problem with it is that it accidentally spots downed players when I am trying to spot enemies. There are certain times when I just can't revive someone, like if the enemies are still there watching them, but now I accidentally …
  • In WW1 bolt action rifles were the most commonly used gun, so it's actually a good thing too see more out there as I can get fully immersed rather than having to deal with people running around with high rpm smgs. And I hardly ever play sniper my…
  • EmothicVH wrote: » Just because you find it pointless doesn't mean that someone like my self doesn't see it as that. I see the mechanic as extremely useful. And in many cases that I used the mechanic on "skip revive" dead players, their icon stops…
  • Just gotta get used to them. Try mondragon optical, 3 shots to kill, but don't spam too fast. Maybe try lining the target up with the hip fire crosshairs before zooming in. Kinda like a quick scope. Also try the autoloading one, it's only g…
  • I remember that thing called last stand on the old call of duties. It was such an awesome feature, you got downed but you could still pull out your pistol and kill the guy who killed you before dying. It was fair and satisfying to get revenge, it …
  • When does cod use dedicated servers? Last one i played was bo3 and the game would often cut off due to host migration. Otherwise it was quite a cool game.
  • Stick to your region and all will be fine, i have terrible internet yet am getting ping in the 40s. Its actually a decent update, bit people seem to insist on playing out of region.
  • tht247 wrote: » You realize that Activision could easily make a 64 player game right? Many people prefer small scale battles. One reason being that your performance more directly affects the outcome. Rubbish, what about destiny? They promi…
  • Also with p2p i dont know if it can support 48 players, they are too damn stingy to have dedicated servers.
  • By that logic then no one would ever compare any games yet youtube and the internet is full of comparing games such as Skyrim vs Witcher, Bf vs Cod, many others as well. Game reviews in general are based on opinions. And in this case i did use…
  • I never said it was a fact, it is my opinion. But the fact is that these 2 titles are direct business competitors, so there is nothing wrong with comparing them.
  • Yes 64 players, the more the better. The new COD isnt even out yet but i can guarantee it wont trump 64 players, and neither will your beloved Destiny 2. That's how I know battlefield is better.
  • I play both but you can compare them. Hell you can compare any games you want if it's your own opinion. I like Forza 6 more than Final Fantasy 15. I have a right to say that. I find Forza 6 more enjoyable, even though they are two completely d…

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