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  • Comparing hitscan to projectile physics again......... never mind .........
  • It appears that I’m lost in translation at the moment....
  • And please don’t compare a BF game to one that uses hitscan....smh
  • (Quote) Bahahahahahaha.....see you in the next installment of the franchise m8! GG
  • (Quote) Take those alternative facts someplace else m9. My hit detection is just fine unless my ISP is acting up. The only reason I know when it is acting up is because I check the net graph, various internet tracking websites, as well as other pe…
  • (Quote) It’s those 1337 reactions times m8! MLG all the way because we all have less than a 100ms reaction time. Stahp
  • See ya in the next battfield m8s
  • (Quote) Really? ..... Your netgraph doesn't tell you about other player's connections but the scoreboard sure does. You just have to watch it for a few moments since it is updated every few seconds if I remember correctly. As far as battlenonsens…
  • Seems there's always lost in translation moments happening. It isn't the high ping causing the is the VARYING pings that do IMO. That means BOTH high AND low pings are the issue. DICE plz Stahp the madness!
  • "Very hard for oor players" ? .....just like anything else in life, some people can adapt and overcome. Pretty simple once you understand how the netcode works.
  • @MrUpvote Stahp the madness plz
    in Ping Comment by mmarkweII January 2018
  • (Quote) Yes. I've seen that scenario many times. Just sayin
  • I'll take a stable higher ping over an unstable lower ping any day. :neutral:
  • It isnt high ping. It is players who have unstable pings that ruin servers. That means all players, high ping AND low ping. The internet is not constant as most people would like to think. Think of it like electricity. It fluctuates, no matter how m…
  • (Quote) I see you're still putting words in my mouth and misinterpreting what was actually said. GG.
  • (Quote) There is a way. It is the RSP. Rent your own server. Problem solved. I won't go into the Why's and why not blah blah. :) Looks like it's going around again. Must be a full moon, even though 2 DICE titles had updates this week, and update…

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