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  • Not a fan — 3 main problems with this game mode. Too inconsistent, too lengthy load times, too many bullets — wayyy too many bullets to kill people.  I had high hopes for this game mode, but it's a big step backwards in the BF franchise — if they ev…
  • Domination and team DM can just be removed, squad conquest holds far more true to the battlefield experience. I loved the game mode and without it I feel myself slipping away from battlefield — and that's very unfortunate. I was very surprised how m…
  • Best game mode period. Especially for someone like myself that only plays with 1-3 other people. Feels like you are engaged in the experience. Most of the game modes are a game of numbers, which can be really frustrating. Would love to see it come b…
  • This game mode totally turned around my perspective on BF V. I was quite disappointed to not see it the other night. As a person that usually games with 1-3 other friends, this was the perfect mode. It can be quite frustrating to be continually shot…

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