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  • europe region mate play times a lot at the minute i have time 
  • disposalist i notice on conquest you can use short range guns on even long range maps its because conquest maps have different areas? and plays different operations is more of a set distance cq is more open and different flags have different boundar…
  • your right it isnt simple lol this is difficult stuff to understand  i think i should just try 1 gun from each class and get a service star with each of them move onto some more i find conquest you can use the same weapon for the entire match you me…
  • thanks guys for helping me out with saying what weapon variants are good i certainly love the gn5 thats an insane weapon i always like to ptfo like a man and get on those dam flags :)  what i wanted to do know more was specific weapons to use on cer…
  • can i just ask 1 thing is there any reason why you only have brightness on 40 and you dont use black equaliser?
  • its okay buddy thankyou ill use those settings and adapt to them
  • it dm dude ill try them :) i only have a newer model than you same monitors basically dude i just cant find any online what so ever its complicated lol and appreciated send them me :)
  • so no one has a benq monitor here ? :(
  • elliot lately my crosshair been sticking this is on xbox when i ads it sticks i turn auto rotate off i have slowdown on why is slowdown acting like rotate a little is there something wrong with xbox? its really irritating im sure slowdown isnt meant…
  • yea i know dude hate it when all squads are slots are taken hahaaaa they see m to go like lightning
  • theres a problem on xbox i swear i dont use auto rotate i have slowdown on its pulling my crosshair about and im missing shots i aint too happy about that if i turn slowdown off it doesnt do that anyhow slowdown isnt meant to pull the crosshair righ…
  • hmmm ok i dont have a squad thats the problem so capping flags in order is best if you are solo playing
  • and is there anyone that can play some conquest with me on xbox?

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