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  • (Quote) I also get packet loss as well as FPS drops (to 15 from 144), mysterious deaths, stuck syringe animation, invisible gas mask, etc. The game is pretty much broken and not ready for launch. They are using customers to do the testing. At least…
  • (Quote) Remove all your filters and just put in the three letters afr in the filter box, you should then be able to see around 20 servers. Peace.
  • Please give South Africa local servers for BF1.
  • (Quote) I don't think EA wants to cause us any pain on purpose. My guess is they are simply just outsourcing their servers to a 3rd party company (for example Amazon AWS), and unfortunately that company does not have any servers in South Africa. T…
  • There are over 15000 BF4 players in South Africa, surely that number of potential BF1 players justify at least a couple of local servers.
  • There are over 13000 BF4 players on PC in South Africa. Why can't we get our own servers for BF1? The closest servers to us are in Europe with a 160ms ping.

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