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  • BF5 is a mixed bag. I enjoy playing it, but in the same time, it is the most frustrating FPS I ever played
  • Kyaner said: So the game is still unplayable, frame drops alll over the place, even more apparent when flying where everything just freezes. Time to go back to BF4, I had enough of this **** show for now and BFH
  • it's a confirmed bug
    in Extra damage Comment by ps_865 May 10
  • I did that few weeks ago when I all of a sudden could not fire a sniper (only) in BF5. So I found about that hard coded R2 press threshold, and instead of buying a new controller, I went to the PS4 options and switched the buttons. And now I like it…
  • Well, BFH on PS4 is not dead,.I play it few times a week
  • BFH is the best for me
  • TamKingski wrote: » This sounds like the server is trying to determine your position on the server which can cause jitter or rubber banding resulting in your player model jittering or being teleported back to your last position whenever you try to…
  • I am experiencing something similar, I started a thread earlier today
  • dcs500 wrote: » I was playing Hardline at the weekend, straight into full cq servers every time. yep, I also still play BFH, few times a week, and there are plenty of servers
    in Games dying... Comment by ps_865 April 1
  • So the EA justice warriors are now approving the comments before postings? Why do we come here to a censored forum? There are many other not moderated forums.
  • DaHuntzMen wrote: » kergster wrote: » There are people using mouse + keyboard so you'll never be able to match their performance with a standard PS4 controller. Depends if you consider this cheating or not. I call nonsense to your op…
  • Excoriar wrote: » No hacks, but "supposedly" someone doing it with multiple accounts. [removed due to n&s] yeah, but the m&k cheaters would say like: he's not cheating, because everyone can buy 4 PSs, 4 BFVs, 4 PSN account...
  • -Antares65z wrote: » ps_865 wrote: » You mean your k&m cheating won't really bother them? Like you are stealing from the government? When EA makes these games M & K compatible, are you going to stop using a controller and conver…
  • full951 wrote: » NilSatisOptimum wrote: » Anything but controller will push the casual gamer off games that entice what I see as cheating, which means less populated servers, which means less support and then game demise. The casual gamer is w…
  • Can you do something about k&m on consoles? At least put some flag on them so we know when they kill us? And/or make stock controlers only servers?
  • WetFishDB wrote: » TamKingski wrote: » WetFishDB wrote: » TamKingski wrote: » WetFishDB wrote: » TamKingski wrote: » WetFishDB wrote: » Yawn, move on troll. For one, it’s not against any rules in public play and has been d…
  • I like how m&k cheaters are on a lookout to prevent people expressing their valid views. M&K is chearing because you are at advantage and you know that the opponents dont know that. Simple. Deal with it. Your kdr and spm are fake.
  • yes, the BFV has a terrible netcode. In no other FPS game I have so many "unfair" fights, where I would lose fights with a KE7, for example, to pistols, or tommi's at 50+ meters distance. Also, as mentioned, countless times being hit around the corn…
    in Netcode Comment by ps_865 February 11
  • since DICE is apparently incapable of fixing such a simple bug, they should give the weapons upgrades (specialization) for free after unlocking them. Amateurs
  • Death camera should be like in the COD, a replay of your killing from your opponent camera.

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