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  • It's not an important fix for them. They are only worried about the dummies on reddit complaining about not being able to go through windows. It seems the dummies need to be able to jump through windows even when they are nowhere near them. EA has …
  • They only fix issues that reddit complains about. Like some idiot that doesn't know how to jump through a window it seems he couldn't do it by trying the sides of the window. Dumbest player I have yet seen. If you have a stupid complaint like your …
  • (Quote) Probably should just stay in the basement, it can be spooky in the real world.
  • Yeah I've hit that point as well. Sad thing for me is bf are the main games I play, been playing them for a long time. I wonder of a class action lawsuit can happen with something like video games? Force them to give us our money and more back and t…
  • Probably poor internet connection, these servers are terrible. That is such a minor issue in a game that has hundreds of issues. Really they should just return everyone's money, take the game off the market and shut the servers down and we all can m…
  • I wish it was that easy, I did one of them twice, which is a miracle for me since I suck at games. But the last time I did it was 3 days ago. The glitches are just too much. I am trying to to give the game a chance I have loved the series over the y…
  • I did a couple of them but they don't unlock so eff it. Not even going to try to unlock anything. The glitches with achievements is one of the reasons I'm getting turned off the game.
  • Achievements are so glitched I stopped going for them. I have done a couple of the hardest ones a couple of times each and neither unlock. I'm starting to think they did this "glitch" so we all have to pay to win.
  • No matter what I do achievements just don't unlock I've switched them and after completing them nothing happens. I did get a few but not sure how or what caused them to unlock. It really is taking me out of the game. Not that I'm an achievement ¯\_(…
  • Wait, you mean people are playing as a team and winning? That's bad play, can't stand people like that, how dare they play a team based game and play as a team. People that hate that kind of tactic are lone wolves and should just play cod, it's wha…
  • Completing achievements is hit or miss, mostly miss. I have had to do a lot of achievements several times before I got credit for them. A couple of them were so hard and when I didn't get the credit, I nearly through my ps4 out the window. I hope th…

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