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TEKNOCODE do not derail the thread.
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llPhantom_Limbll I understand that it may not feel that way but DICE does solicit a lot of community feedback and even makes changes based on it frequently. They changed Panzerstorm, nerfed attrition several times, and they put AOEs…
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llPhantom_Limbll False, DICE hears the feedback that the moderators and CMs send up weekly in a report from the forums and they provide a monthly survey for Battlefield to gather player opinion and sentiment.
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Ferdinand_J_Foch my BF2 brethren definitely had issues with BF3 game play and DICE removing parts of B2K's maps for the BF3 entries in the beginning, but they seem to find common ground with the BC2-BF4 guys a lot more than either o…
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MidriffUrchin0 BC2 despite it being a fun game was actually at fault for the small maps and small teams even on PC.  BF3\4 actually went back and started making maps bigger again and made teams bigger again on PC.
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Ferdinand_J_Foch  you can't go wrong giving the player options!
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Ferdinand_J_Foch and this is why I think DICE is having such a difficult time pleasing everyone. We essentially have three competing groups of players, the old school refractor guys  who came in with 1942-2142, the guys who came int…
  • Yes I was DC's a lot on PC last night. I was speaking with some friends about the issue and was told that the server provider was having issues last night.
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The_BERG_366 content and variety of game play IS quality to me. Nobody says that BF4 wasn't a bug filled mess for months at launch, in fact most people praised hardline and BF1's launches saying they were smooth in comparison to BF4…
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I've never been able to spawn on friendly squad leaders but I use the spawn on friendly beacons frequently when my squad needs to make a breakout or take an objective. Pathfinder is the only recon role that I use when I play recon.
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Trokey66  I loved locking down B flag on Donya Fortress in BF3 with two claymores. Those wireless claymores in BF3 killed the same people as BF5's pre-nerf AP mines those who rushed in blindly at top speed into areas likely to be mi…
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Trokey66 I do miss defibbing or repair tooling campers. These "Only in Battlefield moments" were sadly lost to the new "E"amwork meta of replacing gadgets with "E" functionality.
  • Snark52 if you have discussion points regarding issues in the game that you wish to discuss with the community make a thread, list them, elaborate upon your observations, and discuss them.  That being said ranting threads such as this one are not pe…
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Fogher1983 did you try the solution that I just quoted?
  • Pimm33lbe8ger44 if you offered details people would understand what your thread is about and engage.
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BeastofBourbon84  Agreed, I'm sick of all of the gas masks and face coverings. There are some outfits that I specifically did not buy because a rather neat piece of headgear has a scarf or gask mask that I can't remove. At the minim…
  • SlowFatWombat you might want to post your issues here for the CMs to look at as well: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/bd-p/battlefield-v-technical-issues-en
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Trokey66 you nailed it here. This is why I rarely died from AP mines in BF5 because I had a pretty good idea where people laid them and I'd slow down and use my eyes in likely areas instead of running in blindly. Given there were so…

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