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  • I'm sat on the floor crying my eyes out. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, all the tissues are gone. I don't know what to do! Dice has destroyed the game for me. Why Dice why? Why do you desert me so! My beloved Scout class has been desecrated, nay …
  • Too right fiskny, we'd never play together then upload embarrassing clips of each other on youtube. The guy is such a tool that even his own teamates laugh at him! Hahaha. Can't wait to tbag him on friday.
  • Come on Dice. Seriously? What's the advantage of playing Scout over Medic? You've just trashed your game so you can blow smoke up your cheesy medic class. Lunatics.
  • At least my videos don't look like this Or this Rage quit much?
  • Yeah, first video I've seen from Huw. 'I've almost got him lads, I've almost got him! Just let me reload....'
  • Oh no! Have I dug a hole? Will I never receive kindness from the ACES clan again? The heartbreak! The sorrow!
  • Loved all your killstreak videos.
  • Lol, if I pick up a kit I don't get to choose the loadout. Have you even played the game? Cheers for the advise, I'll stick you on my list. Btw, I do try to revive someone, they tap out.
  • Absolutely hate it. Medics can one shot kill....massively OP. What a joke.
  • Come on mate? Big man? There's no need to be a big man when you've got a clan. Just a bunch of very little men. Look at the sycophantic group chat before his bait post backfired on him again (the irony). ACES, the game has a feature called 'party c…
  • If a gaming legend like TBM finds TDM tricky then that's good enough for me!
  • Check out this video if you need some help with the medic weapons. The secret is to line the target up with the sight before you pull the trigger.
  • (Quote) You almost got more points than dead eye greeny, what an achievement! Just give the man a twelve bullet head start and he'll melt any battlefield player.
  • I see why it's humiliating, aim like that with a Xim. The game has a practice range you know.
  • (Quote) Or maybe it's just a bunch of fellas having a laugh. You don't have to take life so seriously!
  • Was that the post where you told us all about your teamswitching abilities? I'm missing the irony, this is essentially the same post with a different title and a video. Is the irony because it got the same response? I don't think much has changed in…
  • Really? That's a surprise! I was under the impression you guys thought I was a shining oracle of wisdom.
  • Fwiw I've been sectioned 3 times. There's a very good reason why I don't have a job and nobody puts any pressure on me to get one. Have you served your country in a foreign war? Because the government looks upon you very favourably when psychiatrist…
  • Take a look at this video mate. I stay on a hill for 5 minutes until I run out of Ammo. I stand on a hill, I'm moving and I don't go prone once. I'm shooting numerous enemies who can see where I am on their killcam. They cannot remove me from the hi…
  • It's because of two things. First the playerbase has fallen considerably from it's peak, and it's peak was when the most people were enjoying the game. What we also have within the game is a more high rank players becoming friends and squadding up t…

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