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  • I'm not saying they need to be the same standing up as they are bipodded, but they should be at least a little more accurate. The only reason you can get any kill standing up is because of the sheer amount of bullets you can fire due to the high rof…
  • The MMG's are good once they're properly bipodded. But other than that they suck. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to hip fire or ads while walking or running.
  • Why can't they just put a shield on the gun like the mounted Vickers? That would at least help without making them invincible from gunshots. As far as the explosives go that's just bad on DICE's part.
  • It serves no purpose to me. If someone kills you up close then the killcam will zoom in above their head so that you can't even see what they look like. I preferred the killcam in Battlefield 3 where it would show the enemy from the front in a 3rd p…
  • Squad Conquest is just not a good addition to Battlefield in my opinion. Of course if you always play with a group or platoon then it may not seem that bad. But join a game full of random players and try it out. Game I just played had me as the only…
  • The only problem I see with aa turrets is their line of sight. Seems half of them are right beside trees and walls so that their vision is limited. Trying to destroy these with the gun usually end in suicide as well.
  • This is all my opinions of course, but these are the majority of weapons that I see used by enemies and teammates. Assault = Best assault rifle is the Ribeyrolles and best semi-auto rifle is the Gewehr 43 Medic = Sten and MP40 are the same gun but…
  • PSN: snakeater418 US, Eastern Standard Time, active mostly on weekends and nights. If you send a friend request put a message with it so I'll know.
  • (Quote) I think it happens if your body is down in the fire itself. If you get burned and run away but still die you may be able to be revived.
  • On that note I think you should also be able to finish off players who are waiting to be revived. Or at least do better about what deaths can qualify to be revived from. Like you shouldn't be able to get revived after being blown up with high explos…
  • I'm rank 50, have been for some time now, but occasionally I will finish a game and it will show that I reached rank 50 and says that I was rewarded so many cc's for doing so. But since I'm already that rank it doesn't actually give the coins. Which…
  • The body drag feature would most likely be exploited and cause more harm than good, i.e. trolling, glitching, and such. A crawling feature would be best. But that should exclude headshots, melee takedowns, fire deaths, and imo, explosion deaths.
  • I think a major problem is that very few people on PSN use mic's. At least that's been my experience so far. No one communicates on here and the whole squad suffers.
  • I keep getting coins from somewhere as well. Not very many, but not from daily's either.(Quote) If you've got 10s of thousands of coins and don't care then why comment about the topic hmmmmmmmm? I've seen where at the results screen it shows that y…
  • Limit? More like prevent. I don't know how anyone could get enough to buy a vehicle skin that costs over 20,000 coins. If the 300 from daily assignments is all you get it would take over 2 months to get that amount. But I'm guessing that weapon assi…
  • I was interested in joining. Got friend requests from members who rarely played bfv. Applied to join platoon and was ignored. Checked regularly for about a week, never accepted. Seems like poor management imo.
  • I agree that overall this game is unfinished. Also I would say that if the next update doesn't fix a lot of these known issues, or at least acknowledge them, then I will have to reconsider buying anymore battlefield games. Company coins need to be …
  • Don't get all worked up, apparently the reward rifle is trash. So it's not worth the headache.
  • Go through all the trouble and time to play GO's just to get a trash weapon? Well that was awful thoughtful of DICE.
  • This thread seems to be pointing that the assault class needs to be needed and the recon class needs buffed. I still think it's a bad case of bad players blaming everything else. Assaults out-sniping you? Simply change classes and do something else…

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