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  • (Quote) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHlRl1yN70 Mines is the same. Aint too bad on battlefield 1 but Titanfall 2 is annoying as hell. I took mine apart like the video and applied a little wd40 under the l3 button. It worked but only for an hou…
  • Well I haven't completed 1 medal since I started. Not because I haven't tried, mine just doesn't register because the game's a broken piece of ****
  • I was wanting to join that server as well haha. Well thanks for the tips ricardo. I shot down both in under 10 minutes on monte grappa operations.
  • Well it's ok. Looks good but as others have said it's just running in a circle constantly. I wish they would just make a conquest size team deathmatch.
  • Prioritize? How about fixing all the stuff that's broken. Some examples are the faded player icons and not seeing your teammates ones at all when scoped in.Not being able to customise planes etc unless one is sitting at base in game. Not seeing weap…
  • Guys I know this an old thread and this may have been mentioned elsewhere. May have also been part of an update but when you die, the tripwire bomb remains even after a second is planted. Not sure if that will be of much help but at least it's a wa…
  • (Quote) BF2143? What a futuristic one? If that's what you meant then no thanks. Thats the reason i left cod and went to battlefield. Vietnam would be epic though and agree totally on more customisation. Seems to lack in most games these days. I ha…

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