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  • Could be a port forwarding issue on your router. You haven't accidentally joined into a party and your voice is being routed to party chat instead by any chance?
  • I never played Zombie Zombie, never had the cassette (google it kids) for it.
  • @mischkag I realise from a technical standpoint this is not the best example as the server is probably dumping data, but it is a pretty good representation of what i see from time to time mid game.[/video] Right at the…
  • (Quote) Thanks jjju, i will give it a try.
  • (Quote) I have definitely seen instances where a player is stuck on the spot mid run animation but the aim assist drags your crosshairs sideways as if it is still tracking them, then they teleport to the new position, I had turned game dvr off, but…
  • (Quote) Keep reporting there little buddy. I have only been civil to you and last time I checked having an opinion on your play style wasn't against forum rules. Not everywhere can be your personal safe space.
  • (Quote) You said you finished in the top 3 every time, statistically you should be 1st around 1/3 of the time if you are that useful. I have no problems with useful snipers that help the team and are not just there to pad their own stats, my most …
  • (Quote) LOLs taking it back a bit, i just watched a video about Ant Attack last night, so much nostalgia. :-)
  • You can try on reddit The Devs are pretty active on there.
  • At least this didn't happen to you.[/video] For those how did not watch, didnt even spawn into the plane, it crashed while i was still in the spawn screen. or this[video] Instant spawn de…
  • Once upon a time we played games as they were, even the ones that were sadistically difficult. (member Ghosts 'N Goblins, 3 lives fiendishly hard and when you complete the game, you actually start at the first level again but everything is twice as …
  • (Quote) MVP 14 times so i doubt that very much. Feel free to report me i have done nothing wrong except apparently hurt your pride. Pretty sure as a public forum you have no control over what gets posted anywhere. Everything i have said has been…
  • Well you have very few flags defended either so you really are not helping your team very much. I did say i was pretty average player but my Kd is positive, i cap flags and finish top 5 most of the time WHILST HELPING MY TEAM. (Image)
  • (Quote) It is if you are any good and actually have some situational awareness, what do you think Flares are for... Oh wait, i see you don't use Flares, pretty much the most useful tool in the game and something that can help your team and you don'…
  • (Quote) I will give that a go. I was just wondering why if data is lost / delayed the game still knows where a player is moving to or if this is not a netcode issue.
  • One of the devs already said they dont have it because there is only 3 variant slots per weapon type available and the sweetspot is so far out that it wouldn't be helpful with irons.
  • Sounds about right. When OP can't even get their own gamertag right you kniw they have to be pretty special.
  • I have a question. @mischkag Sometimes the game will lag out and some players will just lock in place, part of the rubberband / teleport thing.However when this happens i still sometimes get the aim assist pulling my crosshairs around like the game …

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