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  • I did not ask for the timer to be shortened for small or very small lobbies.  I used a random cutoff of about 50 players for the countdown to be shortened.  In my experience while trying to play squad Firestorm (my region is N.America, usually play …
  • New update today is buggy. Several times I came across invisible enemies while playing conquest. For instance, I could see their head but not the rest of their body while they were running. I also could not run up a dirt hill. It was as if I …
  • If you talk to your squad mates I’m sure you’ll eventually figure out how. Hope they come up with a solid patch soon that prevents any pre-round looting.
  • Not true at all. It is still possible to get out of map if you know how.
  • Agreed. Time between firestorm rounds is currently way to long on average. Also remove hangar from start of firestorm as people have found a new way since patch to get out of hangar and loot before firestorm actually starts.

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