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  • (Quote) Padding Win/Loss is very low on the list of things that people will boost. There is an entire subculture of boosters that do pretty crazy stuff.
  • (Quote) Seems like both teams had bad KD's. You lost because almost every person on you team was outscored by their counterpart on the other team. Neither team had anyone doing any significant killing to the point where there were very low kills …
  • (Quote) Completely BS. Good players with good KD's will want to stay good and get more kills than deaths no matter what is on the scoreboard. The only thing removing KD from the scoreboard will do is make useless players feel less useless at the …
  • (Quote) Grand Ops is just a terrible mode in general. Breakthrough is bad this last week because of the Tides of War challenges.
  • (Quote) You just described every game mode.
  • People have had a lot of ideas over the years but Dice doesn't listen. They had a chance to do it right with the lack of team switching in this game but it seems that they still can't figure it out. With that being said, the only way that servers …
  • Its the fast TTK in concert with servers that can't keep up for various reasons. On your screen you made it behind the rock and on their screen you weren't behind the rock. Its just kind of how these games work. On the bright side, you are probab…
  • (Quote) Hamada could be one of the best Breakthrough maps if it weren't for the first two sectors being so unbalanced towards defense. After you get past that its the only one that feels as epic as Operations in BF1. Most of the other maps seem l…
  • (Quote) You can argue that SMGs can be effective but you'll never convince anyone that they are "devastating".
  • I play this game daily, not because its a good game, but because its the Battlefield formula and I like that more than other games so I'm stuck with it until they fix it or I rage quit the final time like most of my friends have. With that being sa…
  • (Quote) Restricts by making you play a contested objective. People that don't like modes like Frontlines and Breakthrough are typically the types that only cap uncontested flags in conquest and then brag about their SPM.
  • (Quote) Not totally quiet. The patch notes said that they weren't going to address visibility with this patch. I think by the time they address visibility the game is going to be mainly filled with players that abuse the lack of visibility and it…
  • It takes less if you hit the person you are shooting at.
  • (Quote) Its a very strange phenomenon. When I started out in BF4 after a lot of years not playing video games I was a .70 ish KD and even when I started learning the ropes I never had the sack to claim I was actually a good player despite the fact…
  • I like Domination and put some time into it in BF1 but after awhile it got kind of stale because once you establish the traffic patterns and the best spots, a lot of matches end up playing out exactly the same. Match starts, go to spot one, kill ad…
  • (Quote) Petition to remove helicopters? :o Tell me more.
  • (Quote) Conquest is one of the biggest SPM padding modes in the game. You can spend the entire match capping uncontested flags and get huge points for doing nothing. Most other game modes require you to always fight over contested flags.
  • (Quote) Whatever it is, patch days are always crap days on the servers.
  • It could be that everyone is downloading the patch. Patch day is usually frustrating for server issues.
  • The best thing about this thread are the guys making up reasons why having a low KD is actually a good thing. If someone has a 2-6 KD they probably aren't padding or not playing the objective, they are just better than you. Practice and you can do…

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