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  • Did you even test this update!!?? It has made my game even less playable!!!! You cannot even manage cheaters on servers. Why don't you rather go back to having a 3rd party host your servers. It was much better than what you guys are doing now. You s…
  • (Quote) You are reaching the man-in-charge. Keep going at it!!!!
  • (Quote) "Patience and gratitude". That is what you think we should have. Do you think EA is a Micky Mouse Company? Do you think that their infrastructure is not designed to compile the maths? Maybe the only reason we got servers are cause…
  • (Quote) I logged onto BF4 Battlelog, go to leader boards , Click general and the number that is competing will pop up on the right side of the map. The number is more than I said as not everyone have entered their location. Also, if you require mor…
  • (Quote) 13231 Player registered on BF4 - I would say that is a fair chuck of change if you quantify this in Rand value.
  • Love BF1. Hate the lag. We need local server. I'm tired of empting clips on people only for them to turn around and knife me. I bought this game with the assumption that there will be local severs. On all the battlefields there was local servers. Wh…

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