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  • OGTrashBoat8 wrote: » Well the gun you're using would really help us out, and this is not hardcore where it takes 2-4 shots to kill someone. Learn to aim better and you won't have issues. Normal mode and I was testing with the AEK assault r…
  • at 0:38 in the second video, u werent even looking at the guy, teleported in front of him, and meleed him. bs
  • also, the flamethrower pickup has waaaaay too much armor and the gun can kill people in a splitsecond.
  • @Hessuniemii I got rid of the ping restriction so you can join with your friends if you want
  • ThESeVEnThSigN27 wrote: » I will be checking it out. good rotation of maps. I always look for a US based server and although on the east coast I shouldn't have any ping issues. Thanks for looking into it, ThESeVEnThSigN27. If you do for som…
  • GeraIt_Of_Rivia wrote: » Good luck, you will need it. One of my friends from the US had a server too with similar map rotation, occasionally he would get 1-3 players on his server but most of the time the server sat empty, for months on end. That …
  • StarscreamUK wrote: » what are the game breaking bugs you have encountered? Getting shot behind cover while the server has good ping restrictions, getting hit markers when you aren't actually hitting the target, people head glitching all th…
  • Bronko_Kulicka wrote: » and then he is moaninf about 5 years of playing the game? only because I was expecting that, after 5 years, DICE would have fixed the game because, like you said, they had 5 years to do so.
  • Shortcut buying scrubb....[/quote] there's this thing called premium ($60) on top of the original game ($60). last time I checked, 60+60= 120. think before u type my friend

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