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  • - share servers easily - platoons would be a great addition for the communities, platoon feed also to make things more social again - Battle reports is a must, was a great way to see stats and look back at previous rounds - Fix the issue of loadouts…
  • I hope to see PS4 and XB1 cross play on BF1, but don't see PC being apart of that picture anytime soon. Most likely will see this happen next year with another title like the new battlefront.
  • (Quote) I would like to see the engine pushed to it's limit with being current gen only. It would not only add more gameplay depth, but dynamic play in the maps.
  • I would love to see co op return, but as long as we get a fantastic multiplayer and solid campaign I will be happy. But just thinking about the awesome only in battlefield moments you could pull off with a friend in co op would be epic.
  • (Quote) Agree completely, stand with Lanky 2016
  • [/quote] Have you seen Lutein interview with Lars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPnJ-iyd5zY @10:30 talks about it? [/quote] Thanks for sharing & I would love to see more dynamic weather elements especially with this game being on current ge…
  • (Quote) Thanks for the suggestion, on console myself and others have hosted an event just like you are describing where we had designated squad leaders & so on for a 32v32 showcase event. I look to do similar style community events with BF1 als…
  • I want them to avoid the mistake of not having private servers at launch or at least within the first month of release.
  • Bump, hoping to hear some thoughts & ideas.
  • (Quote) Nice lol, I think we may have to start off with hoping for a 100% xp weekend when it comes out. But would be a nice bonus to have extra xp bonuses for community events.
  • PC would have such an unfair advantage over console players that it will be more likely to see Xbox One and PS4 together only. Both Microsoft and Sony have shown interest in cross platform play and from reports want to let developers make the choice…
  • As cool as it would be, I believe we will see a limited support for VR with BF1. And the support we will see will probably be after launch.
  • I doubt we will see a chat box on consoles, but I would like to see a middle ground of more common rose options (wheel of commands).
  • (Quote) I would like to see the risk vs reward for planes more when attacking infantry, but I am looking forward to the dogfights even more now with the gunner being able to help protect the plane.
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