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  • mischkag wrote: » I changed the damage indication to be more in sync with the shooter position. So i traded a better number there for more precision on your screen (remember the issues where you get damage but don't see the shooter yet..). W…
  • If I could have voted for Squad Heist I totally would have! Such a perfect mode both in terms of gameplay and how it suited the fantasy of the game. Voted for regular Heist instead; I love it for it's structure and less chaotic nature compared to…
  • mav_smileyface wrote: » support players are now laughing Laughing so hard. Support was already my favorite class and in my opinion didn't need a buff yet here we are. SupportField 1 here we go!
  • Yeah I'm surprised by how quickly I got bored of BF1. I don't feel the need to improve, there's nothing left that I want to accomplish or unlock and in my opinion the gameplay just isn't that fun. I sank many hours into Hardline not only because the…
  • I asked the UI guy and he said that if you play at 1080p resolution or lower it has no effect. https://twitter.com/freeortman/status/789818043098619904
  • I think it's supposed to adjust the size of HUD elements but it doesn't seem to be working, or maybe I'm just wrong.
  • I liked having stats, forums and server browser all in one place with Battlelog so I'm not too happy that they will now be in 3 different places, though it will be nice not having chrome open in the background eating up muh RAM. It's not that big of…

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