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  • (Quote) Consoles are just a PC with a custom OS. Just like a computer you don’t want it to continuously have crashing issues, eventually it will cause a problem and more then likely damage/corrupt the registry and other files. You will have people …
  • It did that for me a few times and each time I had to reinstall the stupid game for them to start showing up. Idk what is going on with this game anymore. I would think bugs like this would have been found in a simple play test
  • It’s happened more then I would like, ever since the last patch it happens about 1-2 times a day
  • It should rise very little. Also anyone who has been the military will tell you. When you are prone you are pushing your shoulder into the weapon against the bipod on the ground absorbing the majority of the recoil. You are then walking in the round…
  • I absolutely want this, so tired of the COD bs that this games allows. It used to be you have to plan and work as a team, now your a bullet sponge where you can just run and gun around the map. That it requires absurdity accurate head shots for the …
  • I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about how you’re trying to get back to a spawn point of a flag you hold where the battle isn’t happening at all. And it will refused to let you Spawn there. It says in combat and there isn’t any sort of combat…
  • If they would unfudge their stupid net code so hits actuality register and players spawns actually don’t screw you then it could be enjoyable and you don’t have invisible players showing up outnof no where. No player should live after 5-8 rounds to…
  • I will happily say it is very broken. Between all the issues players are bullet sponges, this game is COD all over again, where the hell is hard core mode.. No one idk what you use should take more then 10 rounds to the body and still have a ton o…

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